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Doing Business In The US

U.S. Immigration, Global Mobility and Incorporation Strategies

Speakers: Thomas Joy
  Immigration Attorney, VisaPro LLC., USA
  James R. Ziegler
  Senior Advisor, Staffing and Mobility
  Venkat Ramineni
  Entrepreneur, Investor and Mentor

Date: January 30, 2013

Venue: Le Royal Meridian

Price: Rs.2450 (Early Bird Fee Rs.1950). Workshop price includes a FREE 120 page Handbook, Lunch and a Discount Coupon worth Rs.5000 towards future services.

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F. L-1 Blanket Program
Qualifications for L-1 Blanket petition: Does size matter?
Strategic considerations in choosing L-1 Blanket over Regular L-1 petition
When to implement the L-1 Blanket program?
G. Starting a Brand New Business in the U.S. as an Indian
Opening a New Office using the L-1 Visa
H-1B Visa and EB-2 Green Card for Entrepreneurs
H. B-1: Business Visitor Visa to the U.S.
Eligibility Requirements
Understanding Permissible Business Activities
Can a B-1 be placed at a Third Party Client Site?
Consequences of B-1 status violation: They are serious!
How long can you stay in B-1 Status: Is 6 months too long?
‘B-1 in Lieu of H-1B’ option
B-1 Visa: Extension and Change of Status Issues
B-1 Visa Denials: Do they affect L-1 or H-1B visa issuance?
Profiles of Successful B-1 Cases
I. ‘Entertainment is Business’: Visas for Artists, Producers, and Musicians
Visas for your next U.S. Concert
P-1 Visa for Internationally Recognized Entertainment Groups
P-3 Visa for Artists and Entertainers performing a Culturally Unique Art Form
O-1 Visa for Extraordinary Individuals
J. Green Cards
EB-1 for Multinational Executives and Managers
EB-1 for Scientists, Researchers, Artists and Entertainers
PERM Labor Certification Process
Using a Green Card after maximum stay on H-1B and L-1 visa
EB-5 Investor Green Card: Are you rich enough?
K. Big, Bad, and Ugly RFE: How to Respond
What triggers a Request for Additional Evidence (RFE)?
How to avoid an RFE?
How to respond to an RFE?
RFE Strategies: Reply or Re-file the case?
L. Consular Visa Process, Visa Denials and Port-of-Entry Issues
Nuts and Bolts of Visa processing
Visa Denials under Section 214(b) and 221(g)
How to Speed Up Administrative Processing
Avoiding H-1B and L-1 visa denial after receiving USCIS Petition Approval
Making Choices: Procedures followed if visa is denied
Avoiding confusion at U.S. Ports of Entry Do’s and Don’ts
M. Hands-on Practical Training
Tips on preparing a successful B-1 visa application
Strategic drafting of the Job Description
Profiling the Employee: Significance of a well drafted Resume
Importance of Organization Charts for L-1A & EB-1 Green Card
Public Access File: What is it and where should you keep it?
How to substitute experience for education in the H-1B context?
N. Practical Suggestions
Visa Extensions and Change of Status from OPT, B-1, H-1B, L-1
When to use ‘Premium Processing’?
Plan the petition filing: Check USCIS processing times
Checking case approval status online
Social Media and your Visa Petition
What do you do if the Petition with USCIS is denied?
O. Immigration Tips from the Experts
P. Beat the Competition - A Team Activity
Q. Dealing with Employees: Employment and Immigration Compliance Requirements
I-9, LCA and PERM Audits: Maintaining Compliance
How to Avoid H-1B Employee Back Wages Claims
Can you favor Foreign-Born Workers over US Citizens
Immigration consequences of Corporate Reorganization (Mergers & Acquisitions)
Employer’s obligations towards H and L employees
Third Party Placement: Avoiding Investigations and Criminal Liability
How to Avoid Immigration Audits, Penalties and Whistle-blower Complaints
Are you a “Dependent Employer”, and if so, what are the consequences?
Termination of Employment: Notifying USCIS and DOL
Developing a Successful Corporate Employment and Immigration Policy
R. Helpful Tips for Indian Companies
Common Mistakes made by Foreign Companies
Recent Cases Against Indian Companies in the US Courts: How to Avoid Them
When to implement the L-1 Blanket program?
S. Mock Interview: How to answer questions at the Consulate
T. Questions and Answer Session - Ask the Attorney
U. 1-to-1 Business Clinic (optional, register separately)

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Who should attend?
Executives, Managers, Business Owners, Investors, HR, Mobility and Immigration Professionals, Film and Music Professionals, Exporters, and Entrepreneurs.
January 30, 2013
9.00 am - 5.00 pm
Le Royal Meridian, 1 GST Road , St. Thomas Mount, Chennai

Early Bird Fee: Rs.1950
(till January 17, 2013)
Regular Fee: Rs.2450
(till January 26, 2013)
At-the-door Fee: Rs.2950
(cash only)