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How to Start a Business in US: Types of Business Entities
Launching a new business can be quite exciting. But there are also many challenges. Indepth market research and planning can minimize the risks. You must weigh all your options, analyze all the possible situations and select a reliable serviceprovider who will guide you through the entire process.
H1B Visa Dependent Employer - Are You H1B Dependent?
In December 2000 USCIS, through the rule-making process, created the “H-1B Dependent Employer.” The H-1B dependent employers are required to advertise any position they wish to fill with an H-1B employee before petitioning for their foreign workers. H-1B dependent employers are subject to further displacement and staffing substantiation requirements and obligations under the new rule. Hence, employers must determine if they are H-1B dependent whenever they file an LCA (Labor Condition Application). This article explains what constitutes H-1B dependent employer and provides information concerning H-1B dependent employers under the H-1B visa program.
What Would You Do If the H-1B Cap is Reached?
Under the current law only 65,000 H-1B visas are available each year. USCIS stops receiving H-1B applications as soon as it believes that it has received sufficient number of applications to reach the particular year's cap. If you miss petitioning for an employee before the cap is reached, you will have to wait until the next year to file an H-1B petition or you may look for an alternate visa category. Employers must evaluate and utilize alternatives to the H1B category, which may also be used to ‘bridge the cap’ until October 1st if you miss the H-1B bus for a particular year.
How to Handle the H1B Visa Interview Successfully?
A nonimmigrant visa interview at a Consulate is often a nervewracking experience especially for firsttimers like Rex. As most cases are decided after a brief interview and a quick review of documents by the Consular Officer, being prepared for the interview is absolutely essential.
H1B Visas - 12 Common Myths and Realities
The H-1B visa category is one of the most preferred visas for foreign nationals who wish to work in the U.S. However there are few common myths attached to it. Let’s take a look at these myths and learn the true facts about H-1B visa.
File an H1B Visa With VisaPro's H1B Visa Timeline
As many of you already know, April 1 marks the first day that USCIS accepts H-1B petitions for the federal government’s fiscal year beginning on October 1. The competition for the coveted H-1B visa has been intensifying over the years and now the situation is in a dire state. Filing early is no longer a guarantee of obtaining an H-1B visa; it is now a prerequisite for even being considered. The H-1B timeline discussed in this article will help every company interested in sponsoring an H-1B worker, plan ahead and prepare to file the nonimmigrant visa petition in a timely manner.
Did You Know About the J-1 Umbrella Sponsor and its advantage in Obtaining a J-1 Visa?
US immigration law has provisions for several categories of “J-1 Exchange Visitors”, which include Au Pairs, camp counselors, summer work/travel, physicians, professors and researchers, short-term scholars, teachers, students, and trainees. To obtain a J-1 visa, you need to have an employer and the employer must be pre-authorized by the State Department to sponsor a J-1. But not all the employers are pre-authorized to have their own J-1 program. Thus, the J-1 umbrella program comes to rescue in such situation. In this article we will focus on the trainee program and discuss what a J-1 umbrella sponsor is. We will also talk about the use of an umbrella sponsor to obtain a J-1 visa.
Setting Up a New Company in US: Choosing Between L1 or E Visa
Setting up a new business can be quite exciting but there are also many challenges. Generally L-1 visas are used to set-up a new entity in the U.S. when it is a subsidiary, parent, branch, or affiliate of an overseas company. However, foreign nationals from countries with certain treaty with the U.S. have the choice of using E-1, E-2 or L-1 visa for establishing a new entity in the U.S. This article helps you understand the situations under which E-1, E-2 or L-1 visa options can be used.
Fall in H1B Visa Demand: Is it Due to the Increased Scrutiny on H1B Visa or the Economy?
First time in the history of immigration, USCIS has faced a steep decline in the demand for H-1B visa. Debates continue to rage on as to what or who is responsible for the fall in the demand of H-1B visa this year. Is it the economy or the increased scrutiny on the H-1B? For the first time ever, the number of H-1B petitions withdrawn by applicants or rejected by US authorities exceeds the number of new H-1B petitions filed this year.
H1B Portability: How Can You Change Employers Freely?
Changing jobs on H-1B visa had been so easy until the H-1B portability designed by the American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act (AC21) came into existence. The American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act (AC21) allows an H-1B worker to change employers and begin working for the new employer as soon as the new employer files the H-1B petition. The H-1B employee no longer has to wait for the new H-1B petition to be approved. Read the complete article to understand how the H-1B portability provision works and what are its advantages.

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