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Immigration Dictionary

Immigration Bond. This form is used to contract with an individual who has guaranteed that an alien will either (1) appear as required at a specified location, (2) will voluntarily depart the United States by a certain date, or (3) will not become a "public charge".

Petition for Amerasian, Widow(er), or Special Immigrant.

Affidavit of Financial Support and Intent to Petition for Legal Custody. The form is filed as an agreement to provide financial support for a five year period for an Amerasian or to petition a court for legal custody of an Amerasian under 18 years of age.

Application to Pay Off or Discharge Alien Crew. This form is used by the owner, agent, master or commanding officer of a vessel or aircraft seeking authorization to pay off or discharge crewmembers in the United States. No alien crewmember on a vessel or aircraft, except for those admitted for lawful permanent residence, may be discharged or paid off in the United States without prior authorization.

Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status.

Supplement A to Form I-485.This form is to provide supplemental information to the INS on persons seeking to adjust status under the provisions of section 245(i) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Form I-485 Instructions for NACARA. This form provides additional instructions to the form I-485 as it relates to certain nationals of Nicaragua and Cuba.

Instructions to Supplement C to Form I-485 (HRIFA). Provides additional information and instructions to nationals of Haiti who are seeking lawful permanent resident status pursuant to HRIFA.

LIFE Legalization Supplement to the Form I-485 Instructions. This form provides additional instructions to the Form I-485 as it relates to certain class action applicants applying for adjustment of status pursuant to section 1104 of the LIFE Act and section 1503 of the LIFE Act Amendments.

Immigrant Petition By Alien Entrepreneur. For use by an entrepreneur who wishes to immigrate to the United States.

Certification by Designated School Official. This form is used to certify aliens seeking off-campus employment as a student and that the employment is related to the student alien's field of study.

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