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CGFNS International Partners with AHEd Global Healthcare to Deliver Assessment of Nursing Knowledge as a Pilot Project in India
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CGFNS International, with its 30 years of experience testing international nurses, and AHEd Global Healthcare, Inc. (AGH) (a subsidiary of American Higher Education, Inc.), a global continuing education provider today announced the rollout of a pilot project in India for the CGFNS Assessment of General Nursing Knowledge (CGFNS-AGNK) examination.

The CGFNS-AGNK test is an internationally validated exam developed to determine nurses’ capacity to apply their knowledge in the delivery of effective patient care. The CGFNS-AGNK will be used by schools of nursing and healthcare systems in India as a screening mechanism for measuring fundamental nursing knowledge and predicting work success for pre or post-licensed nurses.

In making this announcement, Barbara L. Nichols, Chief Executive Officer of CGFNS International said, “The CGFNS-AGNK is a new global program that can be customized to meet specific requirements by different user groups. Our pilot rollout in India focuses on enhancing the employability of nurses within India and in other non-US countries. The test does not substitute for the State Nursing Council Examination required for licensure in India, nor is it used for immigration purposes.”

“By taking this test,” Dr. Nichols continued, “a candidate will be able to offer validated nursing knowledge to potential employers who will then be able to make suitable placement, promotion and training decisions. We will work with leading nursing institutions and hospitals within India to deliver this test. Qualifying institutions and hospitals who accept this program for their nurses will be called CGFNS-AGNK Program Affiliates. We are working closely with AGH to ensure that all participants, whether institutional or individual, benefit from this program.”

About the CGFNS-AGNK

The CGFNS International Assessment of General Nursing Knowledge (CGFNS-AGNK) is an assessment of professional and clinical qualifications. Although developed for local use, it also provides additional value as an international standard of assessment. The CGFNS-AGNK can be designed to the specific dimensions of the end user, and thus can be used in a variety of professional, clinical and educational arenas.

The CGFNS-AGNK may be used as a pre-screening tool to assess clinical skill and knowledge for new hires or current clinicians. It provides an employer with critical information that will aid in recruitment of nurses and their placement on appropriate clinical units. It helps the nurse identify key strengths and weaknesses and assists in identifying continuing education needs. It can also be used to validate the nursing knowledge of Indian nursing students upon graduation from colleges and nursing schools.

The CGFNS-AGNK is not designed to be used for migration to the United States. Other CGFNS programs, which are designed to evaluate comparability of education and licensure of foreign educated nurses to US nurses, meet that purpose. CGFNS will employ rigorous testing standards to ensure the integrity of the CGFNS-AGNK. For more information go to:

About CGFNS International

CGFNS International (formerly the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) is an immigration-neutral, nonprofit organization, internationally recognized as an authority on credentials evaluation pertaining to the education, registration and licensure of nurses and other healthcare professionals worldwide. CGFNS and its divisions provide products and services that validate the credentials of international healthcare professionals in support of international regulatory and educational standards. (

About AHEd Global Healthcare (AGH)

AHEd Global Healthcare, Inc. is a leading continuing education and certification service provider to nurses around the world. AGH programs enhance the employability of nurses in domestic and international markets. AGH works with leaders in the area of nursing. (

American Higher Education, Inc., (AHEd), the parent company, has a global footprint with operations in India, China, South Korea, the Gulf countries, and the USA. AHEd works with some of the finest universities in the US and helps them reach out to their user constituencies around the world.

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