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USCIS Improves Delivery of Permanent Resident Card, Travel and Employment Authorization Cards
May 2, 2011
USCIS has fully implemented the Secure Mail Initiative (SMI), which uses U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation to deliver certain immigration documents in a safe, secure and timely manner.
Approval and Denial Statistics for I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers
April 25, 2011
USCIS has updated the approval and denial statistics for I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers from the year 2005 to 2010.
USCIS Receives 1200 H1B Cap-subject Petitions in One Week
April 20, 2011
USCIS has updated the count of H1B visa petitions received and counted towards the H1B cap for the fiscal year 2012 employment. As of April 15, 2011, USCIS has received approximately 7,100 H1B cap-subject petitions and 5,100 H-1B petitions for foreign nationals with advanced degrees.
USCIS Issues Final Rule on Employment Eligibility Verification Form
April 15, 2011
USCIS announced a final rule that adopts, without change, an interim rule to improve the integrity of the Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9) process. USCIS received approximately 75 public comments in response to the interim rule, which has been in effect since April 3, 2009.
USCIS Releases Information on Automatic Extension of F-1 Student Status for Those with Pending H-1Bs
April 8, 2011
USCIS grants a cap-gap extension for F-1 students whose status would normally expire while waiting for an H-1B petition to be reviewed. This is allowed only for those students whose H-1B is filed on or after April 1 while F-1 status is current. Eligible students can go to their Designated School Official to have a cap-gap I-120 issued showing an extension. Released on April 1, 2011, more frequently asked questions have been answered.
H1B Cap Count as of April 7, 2011: Only 5,900 Regular Cap-subject Petitions Received
April 8, 2011
USCIS has updated the count of H1B visa petitions received and counted towards the H1B cap for the fiscal year 2012 employment. As of April 7, 2011, USCIS has received approximately 5,900 H1B cap-subject petitions and 4,500 H-1B petitions for foreign nationals with advanced degrees.
USCIS Continues to Accept FY 2012 H-1B Petitions
April 8, 2011
USCIS has announced that it continues to accept H-1B nonimmigrant petitions that are subject to the fiscal year (FY) 2012 cap. The day USCIS receives the number of petitions needed to meet the cap, it will issue an update advising the public that the FY 2012 H-1B cap has been met as of a certain date, known as the final receipt date.
USCIS Reviewing H-1B Cap Exemptions Based on Relation or Affiliation
March 29, 2011
Effective immediately USCIS is applying interim procedures to H-1B petitions seeking cap exemptions for non-profit entities that are related to or affiliated with an institution of higher education until further notice. During this interim period USCIS will give deference to prior determinations made since June 6, 2006. Petitions filed by such petitioners will have to prove that they had previously qualified and can do so by providing prior approval notices and any documentation that was submitted in support of the claimed cap exemption. USCIS suggests that petitioners also include a statement attesting that their organization was approved as cap-exempt since June 6, 2006.
USCIS launches E-Verify Self Check
March 29, 2011
USCIS E-Verify Self Check has launched, allowing workers to check their own employment eligibility status. The service is free and voluntary. Users enter identifying personal information and the information is checked against social security administration and DHS databases. E-Verify self check would allow users to be aware of and clear data discrepancies that might show up in future E-verify checks conducted by employers.
"Startup Visa Act" to Create a New Sixth Preference Employment-Based Immigrant Visa Category (EB-6)
March 21, 2011
The StartUp Visa Act of 2011, introduced in the U.S. Senate by Senators John Kerry (D-MA), Richard Lugar (R-IN) and Mark Udall (D-CO), would create a new immigrant visa category for foreign entrepreneurs with qualifying start-up ventures that have attracted U.S. investors or with overseas businesses that can demonstrate significant U.S. sales.

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