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Labor Certification Processing Times

DOL Processing Times
SESA Processing Times

SESA Processing Times Last Updated: January 13, 2005

Program Title Regular Labor Certification H-2BDate Updated
Connecticut Jan. 2003 Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
Maine Oct. 2004Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
Massachusetts Feb. 2003Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
New Hampshire April 2004 Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
Rhode IslandApril 2001 Dec. 2004Jan. 2005
Vermont July 2004Jan. 2005 Jan. 2005

New York
Program Title Regular Labor Certification H-2BDate Updated
New Jersey April 2001 Nov. 2004Jan. 2005
New York April 2001 Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
Puerto RicoN/A N/A N/A
Virgin IslandsN/A N/AN/A

Program Title Regular Labor Certification H-2BDate Updated
DelawareSep. 2003 Dec. 2004Jan. 2005
District of ColumbiaDec. 2001 Jan. 2005 Jan. 2005
MarylandApril 2001 Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
Philadelphia N/A Nov. 2004 Jan. 2005
Harrisburg April 2004 Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
Pittsburgh Dec. 2004Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
Virginia Aug. 2002Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
West Virginia Sep. 2004 N/A Jan. 2005

Program Title Regular Labor Certification H-2B Date Updated
Alabama May 2001Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
FloridaMarch 2004 Nov. 2004 Jan. 2005
GeorgiaJan. 2003 Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
Kentucky Aug. 2004 Dec. 2004Jan. 2005
MississippiNov. 2004 Nov. 2004 Jan. 2005
North Carolina July 2003Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
South CarolinaJan. 2003 Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
TennesseeJan. 2003 Jan. 2005 Jan. 2005

Program Title Regular Labor Certification H-2B Date Update
Illinois Jan. 2003 Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
IndianaJan. 2003 Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
Iowa April 2004Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
KansasJan. 2003 Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
MichiganJan. 2003 Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
Minnesota Dec. 2003Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
MissouriJan. 2003 Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
Nebraska Nov. 2004 Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
Ohio Feb. 2003Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
WisconsinJan. 2003 Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005

*Cases formally processed by the Kansas City Regional office are now being processed by the Chicago Regional office.

Program Title Regular Labor Certification H-2BDate Updated
ArkansasJan. 2003 Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
Louisiana Jan. 2002 Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
New Mexico Jan. 2002Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
OklahomaApril 2001 Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
Texas April 2001Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005

Program Title Regular Labor Certification H-2BDate Updated
Colorado April 2001 Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
Montana June 2004 Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
North DakotaAug. 2004 Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
South Dakota Dec. 2004Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
Utah Dec. 2001 Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
WyomingNov. 2003 Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005

San Francisco
Program Title Regular Labor Certification H-2B Date Update
Arizona Oct. 2004 Dec. 2004Jan. 2005
CaliforniaApril 2001 Dec. 2004 Dec. 2004
Guam April 2001 N/A Dec. 2004
HawaiiJune 2003 Sep. 2004 Jan. 2005
NevadaJan. 2002 Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005

Program Title Regular Labor Certification H-2B Date Update
Alaska March 2002 Nov. 2004 Jan. 2005
IdahoJuly 2001 Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
Oregon May 2002Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005
WashingtonApril 2001 Dec. 2004 Jan. 2005

How to Calculate Labor Certification Processing Timings?

Processing times for Labor Certifications are a combination of State Processing Times (SESA) and DOL Regional Processing Times.

1. State Level: The labor certification is first filed with the SESA (State Employment Security Agency) that has jurisdiction over the place of employment.

Example: California - May 2002
i.e. California SESA is currently processing cases it received in its offices in May 2002.

2. Federal Level: Once the SESA approves the Labor Certification, it transmits all the documents to the appropriate DOL (Department of Labor) Regional Office for the final approval of the Labor Certification Application.

Example: Boston (Regular Labor Certification) - April 2002
i.e. The DOL Boston regional office is currently processing the cases received from SESA by its offices in April 2002 and before.

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