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VisaPro delivers proven, online immigration solutions. To further our commitment, VisaPro has launched a unique Alliance Partner Program. This program selects best-in-class partners to deliver complimentary services to VisaPro's Alliance Partner community.

We Seek Alliances With Companies That Offer:

Recruiting and Human Resource Management Services
Accounting, Tax and Legal services
Travel services
Management Consulting services
Other services complimentary to immigration

Benefits To VisaPro Alliance Partners:

Increased Revenues and Expanded Customer Base

Increase web traffic from VisaPro and its community of Alliance Partners
Drive additional revenue for your company through revenue generation programs
Generate increased ad views
Offer your services to a larger client base

Value To Your Clients

Provide added value by offering a wide variety of best-in-class services
Provide access to Special Offers from VisaPro's community of Alliance Partners

Expanded Sales and Joint Marketing

Access to Alliance Partners' marketing, sales and technical support
Access to on-line guides and training materials
Access to VisaPro's marketing presentations, advertising, web promotions, direct mail, and other special promotions
Immigration Counseling and Training to Alliance Partners

To join VisaPro's Alliance Partner community, please complete the Alliance Profile

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