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We thought you might like to read some of the comments

we have received from our clients.

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We thought you might like to read some of the comments we have received from our clients.

"When we contacted VisaPro we were in need of a very good visa agency who could process our first L1 for us in a very aggressive time frame. We contacted VisaPro and from that day I felt that I was in "safe hands". The guidance we got from them was extremely helpful in preparing our case and their turnaround was perfect. The professionalism showed to us and the knowledge and guidance is something that I'm most impressed with.

We will continue to use VisaPro for all our future visa needs."


Faisal Husain, CEO

Synechron, Inc.




"The immigration laws on foreign student status have become so complicated that even my school's attorney could not give me concrete advice. But VisaPro professional team helped me to clarify my questions patiently and prepare the documents diligently. My H1-B visa petition was approved promptly even in between busy Christmas and New Year holidays."

Mei-Po Tam

Hong Kong

"We are extremely pleased with the prompt, quick and courteous services of VisaPro in arranging our L1 visa. The process was handled very efficiently by VisaPro [legal] professionals. VisaPro is cost effective and a company to get the job done without any follow-ups required.

We look forward to working with them for all our future visa processing needs."

Best wishes,

Seshachary Kesavan, President

United Lighting Technology, Austin, Texas

"I want to thank you for the outstanding work you did for us. Since applying for the K-1 VISA sometimes confusing INS process was made easy for us. And a special thanks for always taking the time to talk to me and also answer my e-mails.

Now that my fiance' is here from Brazil, thanks to Visa Pro, we can now concentrate on finalizing the work necessary to obtain her permanent status.

Thanks again for everything. I am recommending you to my friends who have fiances' from foreign countries."


K. Sondeno

United States

"I am extremely happy with the services provided by VisaPro. I realize our request for service was unusual in that we asked for your help after an E-2 application was already made. Nevertheless, the help was right on target and provided increased confidence as well as sound legal reasoning. The Attorney was super in his ability to listen to our history, extract the essential information, construct a strong response, and act with great promptness.

We will be happy to recommend your service to our friends or your prospective clients."

Yvette F


"VisaPro recently processed L-1 visas for me and my family. I'm quite impressed with the knowledge, efficiency, speed, and professionalism of your service. VisaPro provides a more open and transparent service. At each step I was directed in such a manner that the entire process became easier for me. Each member who handled my case knew precisely the background. Even when I enquired any information over the telephone, I was provided with the required information very quickly. It was a cakewalk, to have processed L-1 visa through VisaPro.

Our company has expanding businesses in USA and we shall need your courteous and economical services in the future too. I will be sure to recommend your services to my colleagues when they need future visa services for USA.

Please convey my hearty thanks to all the team at VisaPro."

Many Thanks and Best Wishes,

Prashant Deshpande, President & CEO

Expert NetCAD Inc.

"Diligent, thorough, professional, persistent are a few words that come to my mind when I think of Visapro. Staff of Visapro neither slept nor let me sleep till they got all the required information to file the first [L-1] petition. From then on it's a smooth ride...

The user friendly online system of Visapro provides ultimate convenience and is an excellent solution for managing, tracking and archiving cases. I no longer need to store information in bulky files.

I undoubtedly recommend Visapro for all those who are looking for help in US immigration, be it any kind of visa."


P. V. Narasimha Rao, CEO

Fusion Technologies

"VisaPro is by far the most informative, convenient, efficient, and economical visa service that we have ever used. I strongly recommend VisaPro to any company that employs foreign workers."

James Ziegler, CEO


"I am thrilled at the level of service I received from VisaPro!

Their attention to detail, their quick responses to questions, and the personal attention they gave each one of our [H-1B] visa applicants was overwhelming.

VisaPro help take the confusion and frustration out of the visa application process. They explained each step and what was required. They helped us with documentation and made sure that it was consistent with our application. They took the time to make sure everything was right, yet was able to make the deadlines and time restrictions the INS imposed upon us.

I cannot say enough about the friendly staff and lawyers who never hesitated to be there for us. They basically held our hand through the whole process.

We had tried to do visa applications ourselves. The value of VisaPro and the time they saved us was well worth the cost.

We will be using VisaPro for all our staffing needs when obtaining a visa is required."

Susan Reichard, HR Manager

Monona Catering

"VisaPro can be proud of the efficient, courteous, and kind way their employees have dealt with us in very trying and frustrating times. We are very grateful for their time, effort, and guidance. Of my personal experience with attorney, there is no comparison with the quality of service provided by VisaPro, it is excellent."

Chetan Patel, President


"Continue the great customer contact, ease of acessibility, and fast, economical, and professional legal service!"

Carmela Farolan, Manager

LionShare Holdings LLC

"We appreciated the help from [VisaPro legal team], [they are] professional and always give us prompt response. It is effective and efficient to apply visa via Visapro"


May Yick

ecVision Inc.

We handled thousands of immigration matters successfully.