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Immigration Dictionary

Temporary Visa for Business Visitors.

Temporary Visitor for Business and Pleasure.

Temporary Visa for Tourists.


Aliens on whose behalf a US citizen, legal permanent resident, or employer have filed a petition for such aliens to receive immigration benefits from the US Immigration and Naturalization Service. Beneficiaries generally receive a lawful status as a result of their relationship to a US citizen, lawful permanent resident, or US employer.

Border Crosser

An alien resident of the United States reentering the country after an absence of less than six months in Canada or Mexico, or a nonresident alien entering the United States across the Canadian border for stays of no more than six months or across the Mexican border for stays of no more than 72 hours.

Border Patrol Sector

Any one of 21 geographic areas into which the United States is divided for the Immigration and Naturalization Service's Border Patrol activities.

An alien coming temporarily to the United States to engage in commercial transactions which do not involve gainful employment in the United States, i.e., engaged in international commerce on behalf of a foreign firm, not employed in the US labor market, and receives no salary from US sources.

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