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Immigration Dictionary

Verification Request (Non-SAVE Agencies). This form is to verify the status of an alien for official purposes of a government agency which does not participate in the SAVE program.

Verification Request (SAVE Agencies).

Application Survey (for INS Employment). INS requests that all applicants for employment with the Service fill out this form, to ensure compliance with Federal laws and regulations, which mandate equal opportunity in the recruitment of applicants for Federal employment.

The basic requirements for naturalization that every applicant must meet, unless a member of a special class. General provisions require an applicant to be at least 18 years of age and a lawful permanent resident with five years of continuous residence in the United States, have been physically present in the country for half that period, and establish good moral character for at least that period.

Geographic Area of Chargeability

Any one of five regions--Africa, East Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Near East and South Asia, and the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe--into which the world is divided for the initial admission of refugees to the United States. Annual consultations between the Executive Branch and the Congress determine the ceiling on the number of refugees who can be admitted to the United States from each area. Beginning in fiscal year 1987, an unallocated reserve was incorporated into the admission ceilings.

The Green Card, also known as Immigrant Visa, Alien Registration Receipt Card, Form I-151 or I-551, is issued to lawful permanent residents.

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