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Immigration Dictionary

Application for Posthumous Citizenship. Public Law 101-249 provides for the granting of United States citizenship to an alien or non-citizen national whose death resulted from injury or disease incurred on active duty with the United States Armed Forces during specified periods of military hostilities.

Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions. The Immigration and Naturalization Service's (INS) regulations require that applicants seeking an exception from the English and U.S. history and government (civics) requirements for naturalization based on physical or developmental disability or mental impairment submit this certification form, completed by a licensed medical doctor or a licensed clinical psychologist, along with a completed application for naturalization ( Form N-400). This certification form will be used by the INS to determine whether applicants for naturalization are entitled to an exception to the requirements.

Parent of an Alien Classified SK-3 Special Immigrant.

Child of N-8 or of an SK-1, SK-2, or SK-4 Special Immigrant.


Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act.


A person owing permanent allegiance to a state.

As a nonimmigrant class of admission, an alien coming temporarily to the United States as a member of the armed forces or as a civilian employed by the armed forces on assignment with a foreign government signatory to NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), and the alien's spouse and unmarried minor (or dependent) children.

Principal Permanent Representative of Member State to NATO (including any of its Subsidiary Bodies) Resident in the U.S. and Resident Members of Official Staff; Secretary General, Assistant Secretary General, and Executive Secretary of NATO; Other Permanent NATO Officials of Similar Rank, or Immediate Family.

Other Representative of member state to NATO (including any of Subsidiary Bodies) including Representatives, its Advisers and Technical Experts of Delegations, Members of Immediate Art. 3, 4 UST 1796 Family; Dependents of Member of a Force Entering in Accordance with the Provisions Status-of-Forces Agreement or in Accordance with the provisions of the Protocol on the Status of International Military Headquarters; Members of Such a Force or Immediate Family if Issued Visas.

Official Clerical Staff Accompanying Representative of Member State to NATO (including any of its Subsidiary Bodies) or Immediate Family.

Official of NATO (Other Than Those Classifiable as NATO-1) or Immediate Family.

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