B-1 Visa Extension Application:

Introduction B-1 business visitors who wish to extend their stay in the U.S. beyond their initial period of admission must consider the extension of status after carefully analyzing the impact of a possible extension denial on the B-1 visa validity and future admissions. This article presents important things to consider when making the decision, whether […]

Visa Overstay, Out-Of-Status & Unlawful Presence

Introduction The U.S. immigration process is complex and can be confusing, and is equally true with immigration jargon. If you are applying for any type of nonimmigrant visa for the U.S., or visiting the United States soon, you need to understand the terms “Overstay“, “Out-of-Status (Unlawful Status)“, and “Unlawful Presence” so that you can take […]

Overstaying Visa In The US

Introduction Overstaying authorized period of stay in the U.S. (commonly referred to as “Overstaying Visa” or “Visa Overstay”) is no longer overlooked and can result in very serious consequences. Generally, an individual’s authorized period of stay in the U.S. is determined by the date issued by a Customs Border Protection officer on the I-94 record […]