P1 Visa For Foreign Entertainment Groups

Introduction The United States has always welcomed artists and entertainers from all over the world to come and perform. Entire industries in the U.S. were created and built around the promotion and showcasing of artistic talent both for its entertainment value and the promotion of cultural advancement. Here we present an overview of a popular […]

P-1 Visa For Internationally Recognized Athletes:

Introduction The United States attracts world’s top athletes in a variety of athletic sports, including baseball, ice hockey, soccer, basketball, golf and tennis. The P-1 Visa for internationally recognized athletes is a popular visa option for athletes. This article provides an overview of the P-1A visa requirements, the P-1 visa process, as well as a […]

P1 Visa For eSport Professionals:

Introduction In a notable development in the field of eSports, USCIS has begun to approve P1 petitions for eligible professional video gamers who are internationally recognized, enabling them to come and stay in the U.S. for up to 5 years, and perform for payment or prize money in the U.S. eSports Professionals – Take Your […]

Athlete Visa USA: Know Your Options

Foreign Athletes have a variety of US visa options available to them. Learn about the relative benefits of the P1 visa, O1 visa, and may others explained here.