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We thought you might like to read some of the success stories of our clients.

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  1. H2B Visas – How To Successfully Win Over DOL Advertisement Conditions

    Country clubs, hotels and resorts all over the U.S. rely on the hard work of thousands of nonagricultural non-immigrant temporary workers from all over the world. Company H, a well-known country club contacted VisaPro when it wanted to bring in several workers…
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  2. US Green Card Through EB-5 Investment – Removing The Conditions Is Not An Easy Road

    Mr. I is the typical American business success story, with an immigration twist. He came to the US to go to college. After completing his MBA Mr. I sought out a business opportunity in the US that would allow him to apply…
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  3. How Strategy And Preparation Can Prevent Denial Of H-4 (Dependant) Visa Resulting From Out-Of-Status F-1 (Student) Visa

    The scene – You just got married and everything is looking good. Your spouse has a great job offer in the US and is moving there to start work in a couple of weeks. She got…
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  4. E-2 To Permanent Residence – How To Get Your Green Card Through Investment

    We got a call for a consultation from Mr. Investor. He had a rather long and involved story to tell and needed some help to get his US immigration status straightened out…
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  5. VisaPro Expedites H-2B Visas For Over 100 Foreign Workers From 10 Different Countries

    What do you do when the guests arrive and there are no bellhops to greet them and take their luggage, no one to meet them and seat them in the dining room, no one to serve their dinner…
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  6. Avoiding The H-1B Trap: Strategies For Managing Your Immigration Issues Without Relying On The H-1B

    Company D first contacted VisaPro in late 2004 about how to bring their employees to the US for training and work. The company has its headquarters in the US, and a development office overseas…
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  7. Failure To File A Change Of Status For Your Spouse Is Not Necessarily Fatal To Your Case

    We received a frantic call from Dr. Wang. It seems that his wife has been out of status now for over a year (close to a year and a half). When Dr. Wang joined his current employer, they filed for his change of status from F-1 to H-1B, but failed to file a change of status for his wife…
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  8. What Do You Do When You Are Stuck Outside The US And Your US Citizen Husband Is Severely Injured In An Accident?

    Sarah and Steve met while Sarah was vacationing in Hawaii. They fell in love and were married in Paradise. Since Sarah is from Canada they called immigration to see what they had to do for her to stay here…
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  9. From Junior Accountant To CFO Notwithstanding US Immigration

    We’d like to introduce you to Mr. Smart, a young professional who at the time we first met him had just finished his MBA degree in the US. He looked to have a promising career ahead of him…
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