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Learn About Citizenship Certificates Application Eligibility And Requirements


VisaPro’s experienced immigration attorneys will prepare and file all the required documents for U.S. citizens applying for the Citizenship Certificate.

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Citizenship Certificate Eligibility Is Granted To:

  • Individuals born outside the U.S. that have a claim to US Citizenship through their parents
  • Foreign children under sixteen years of age adopted by the U.S. citizens or green card holders

Citizenship Certificate Notes:

  • You may replace a lost, mutilated, destroyed Certificate of Citizenship or if your name has been changed and you need the certificate in the new name.

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I needed help with naturalization process and contacted VisaPro for their expert and confident handling of legal road to US Citizenship. There were no surprises or bumps along the way. VisaPro took the time to investigate our situation, presented the best solution/approach, and answered all our questions along the way. The expertise, professionalism and personal touch of the VisaPro staff will keep me turning to them for all future immigration needs.”

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