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Learn About P3 Visa Requirements And Eligibility For New P3 Visa And Extension


The P3 visa is available for foreign nationals coming temporarily to the U.S. to perform, teach, or coach as artists or entertainers, individually or as part of a group under a commercial or non-commercial program that is culturally unique.

VisaPro’s experienced immigration attorneys will prepare and file all the required documents for artists, entertainers in a culturally unique program and U.S. companies applying for the P3 artist visa.

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P3 Visa Eligibility – It Is Suitable For:

  • Artists and entertainers entering the U.S. to perform in a culturally unique program
  • Artists to represent, teach, or coach cultural, musical, ethnic folk, artistic, or theatrical arts in the U.S.
  • Artists entering the U.S. to enhance the development or understanding of culturally unique art forms
  • Support personnel of P3 visa holders
  • U.S. agents and companies to bring artists and entertainers to participate in culturally unique programs

P3 Visa Benefits

  1. Your dependents can stay with you as long as you maintain your P3 status. They can also attend school
  2. You can freely travel in and out of the U.S. provided you have a valid visa

P3 Visa Requirements

To be eligible for the P3 visa, you must be coming to the U.S. to perform, teach, or coach in a specific field such as a unique or traditional ethnic, cultural, musical, folk, artistic, or theatrical performance or presentation. You must prove that:

  1. You are coming to the U.S. to develop, understand, promote or facilitate a culturally unique art form
  2. You perform essential support services for a P3 artist or entertainer, which cannot be performed by U.S. workers
  3. You have the appropriate qualifications, knowledge and experience in providing support services to artists and entertainers
  4. You are being sponsored by a cultural, educational, or governmental organization
  5. You have achieved national or international recognition or acclaim in the culturally unique program you shall perform

P3 Visa Notes

  • To change the purpose of your visit while you are in the U.S. on an P3 visa, you must change your visa status.
  • The information provided here is applicable to New P3 Visa and P3 Extension.

P3 Visa Fees

Filing Fee – Regular $1,615
Filing Fee – Premium $4,420
VisaPro Processing Time 4 business days

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