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PERM Processing Time & NPWC Processing Times

DOL Processing Times For PERM And Prevailing Wage Determinations

The Department of Labor administers and processes PERM Labor Certification applications for the immigrant visa process, Labor Condition Applications for the H-1B/H-1B1/E-3 process and applications for Temporary Employment Certification for the H-2B. In support of these applications, the DOL's National Prevailing Wage Center issues prevailing wage determinations for PERM, H-1B, H-1B1, H-2B and E-3.

The table below provides processing times that have been issued by the DOL in relation to Prevailing Wage Requests for H-1B, H-2B and PERM applications, and PERM application processing time including Audit Reviews, Requests for Reconsideration and Government Error Reconsiderations.

NPWC Processing Times

The following table shows the processing times for Prevailing Wage Requests at the NPWC as of April 30, 2017.

Processing Queue Request Date Status*
H-1B February 2017 Current
H-2B April 2017 Current
PERM February 2017 Current
Submission Date
Redeterminations H-1B - February 2016
PERM - February 2016
Center Director Reviews PERM / H-1B - March 2016
H-2B - April 2017

*Current: H-1B in process, H-2B in process, PERM in process.

PERM Processing Times

The following table shows the processing times for PERM application as of March 03, 2017.

Processing Queue Priority Dates
Month Year
Analyst Reviews February 2017
Audit Review October 2016
Reconsideration Requests to the CO April 2017
Gov't Error Reconsiderations Current

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