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How Do I Obtain Police Clearance Certificate from India for US Immigrant Visa?
Indian citizens and nationals, and non-Indians living legally in India, who are seeking legal permanent resident status in the U.S., must obtain an immigrant visa at the U.S. consulate or U.S. embassy nearest where they live in India. After the petition is approved, they have to go for the visa interview. Several basic documents will be needed at the immigrant visa interview and Police Clearance Certificates (PCC) is one of them. This article tells you the meaning, purpose and importance of a Police Clearance Certificate, at the same time, the article also explains you how to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) if you are an Indian national.
How Do I Change My Nonimmigrant Status?
Anyone who comes to the United States must have a visa to enter. The Nonimmigrant visas are issued to foreign nationals who intend to remain in the (U.S.) on a temporary basis. There are more than 40 nonimmigrant visa categories, each used for a different, but very specific purpose, depending on the particular reason for coming to the U.S. You need to immediately apply for the change of Status as soon as your original reason for coming to the U.S. changes. This article enlightens you with the all the consequences of not applying for the change of status on time and it also throws a light on why it is important to change your visa status as soon as your purpose of visit to the US changes.
How do I extend my nonimmigrant status?
The article is designed in the most eloquent way to help you have a clear idea about extending your non-immigrant visa status and see how they may apply to your situation. It is your I-94/I-94W card that shows how long you are permitted to remain in the U.S., not your nonimmigrant visa. A visa only shows when and how many times you can come and seek admission to the U.S. thus you must make sure that you apply for the extension of your nonimmigrant visa before your I-94 expires. It is equally important that you locate that which visa category you fall into because there are certain nonimmigrant visa categories that are exempted from applying for the extension.
How Do I Apply for Green Card Through Marriage to U.S. Citizen?
Securing permanent residence through Marriage to a U.S. Citizen is a multistep process. Some of these steps are required to be completed before your fiancé or spouse enters the US and some after entering the US. In the article U.S. citizen marrying a foreign national: Issues involved which was published in November 2005 issue of Immigration Monitor, our monthly newsletter, we covered the requirements, benefits, and application process of the K1, fiancé visa, and K3, spouse visa. In this article we shall cover the steps involved in getting permanent residency after entering the U.S.
How do I apply for a Work Permit. I am presently on a Dependant Visa?
Dependants of personnel with work visas in the US are not generally allowed to work in the US, unless they qualify for a work visa in their own. However, spouses of certain student or work visa holders can apply for employment authorization. This article discusses the situations when a dependant spouse can work or study in the United States.

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