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How Do I Obtain Police Clearance Certificate from India for US Immigrant Visa?
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Indian citizens and nationals, and non-Indians living legally in India, who are seeking legal permanent resident status in the US, must obtain an immigrant visa at the US consulate or US embassy nearest to where they live in India.

The immigrant visa process commences when a family member or a US employer submits a petition with the US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS). Once the petition has been approved by USCIS, it is forwarded to the consulate with jurisdiction over your place of residence.

The NVC or the Consulate will schedule your interview at the US Consulate in India, and as soon as the interview is scheduled you receive an appointment letter along with final instructions and a list of the documents to be submitted, which include your birth certificate, marriage record, evidence of financial support, visa photographs, and Police Clearance Certificate.

What is a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC):

"Police Clearance Certificate" is a certification issued by the concerned police authorities covering the whole period of the applicant’s residence in that locality. It also notes whether any time the applicant was arrested, along with the reason for and the nature of each case for which there is an evidence/record..

Immigrant Rajiv and Raju, brothers, have received notice that their immigrant visa numbers will soon be current, and were advised to gather all the documentation they will need to complete the process. One of the items they discovered they need is a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). Rajiv has spent his whole life in Hyderabad, but Raju has lived in Singapore and UAE as well. He lived in UAE for 5 months, and Singapore for 18 months. Where does each brother need to get a PCC from?

Since Rajiv has only lived in Hyderabad he will only need to get a PCC from the Passport Office and, since he got his passport last year in anticipation of this moment, the District Police. However, Raju will have to get PPCs from India (both the Passport Office and District Police), the UAE, and from Singapore since he lived outside of India for those 23 months.

Validity of Police Clearance Certificate (PCC):

All Police Clearance Certificates are valid for one year from the date of its issue and it must be valid on the day your visa is issued.

Necessity to Obtain Police Clearance Certificate from India:

Any Indian citizen age 16 or older and currently residing in India, whose passport was issued MORE THAN six months prior to their immigrant visa interview date, should obtain a Police Clearance Certificate from both the nearest Indian Passport Office and the District Police in the area in which they reside. However, if their passport was issued LESS THAN six months prior to their interview date, they only need a Police Clearance Certificate from the nearest Indian Passport Office.

A Police Clearance Certificate is required only if you are applying for your immigrant visa or certain nonimmigrant visas (K and V) at a US consulate or embassy in India. Police Clearance Certificates are not required if you are filing for Adjustment of Status (I-485) within the US

Police Clearance Certificate If Filing For Adjustment of Status in the US:

If you are currently not residing in India, but are applying for adjustment of status in United States, you do not need to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate from India. In that situation, you can obtain Police Clearance Certificate from your nearest Indian consulate. The consulate will complete a Police Clearance Certificate on the basis of a passport check.

Police Clearance Certificate – Where to apply?

Please refer the following table to find out where to obtain the Police Clearance Certificate:

Nationality and Residence
Need a Police Clearance Certificate from
If you are residing in India and your Indian passport was issued within past 6 months
you are 16 years old or older
Passport Office
If you are residing in India and your passport was issued more than 6 months prior to visa application
you are 16 years old or older
1. Passport Office
2. The District Police Office near your place of residence

If you are an Indian passport holder and is staying outside India
you are 16 years old or older
Local Embassy or Consulate confirming you have no criminal record (a statement from Embassy or Consulate is acceptable)
If you are an Indian passport holder and currently resident in India, but has lived in another country (except for the U. S.).
you lived in the foreign country for twelve or more months after reaching the age of 16 years.
1. Passport Office
2. District Police Office serving your place of residence (if the passport was issued more than 6 months prior to visa application)
3. Country of previous residence, if available
If you are a non-Indian immigrant visa holder residing in India
you are 16 years old or older
District Police Office serving the area of your residence

Procedure for Obtaining Police Clearance Certificate from India:

  1. Application Form:

    To apply for a Police Clearance Certificate, , you must complete a Miscellaneous Application Form No. 2. These application forms can be obtained from the Passport Office at a cost of Rs.5/- or can be downloaded from their website. The completed application form can be submitted either personally, or through an agent having an identity document from you and an authority letter with your signature. Only one application is required unless otherwise specified by the concerned officer.

  2. Application Fee:

    The applicant is required to pay a fee of Rs.300/- along with the application form. This fee can be paid either in cash or by bank draft drawn in favor of the Regional Passport Officer. In case of bank draft, you should write your full name and date of birth on the backside of the bank draft.

  3. Documents Required:

    Listed below are the documents required to be submitted along with the application form for obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate:

    1. A valid original passport;
    2. Proof of residence; and
    3. If the applicant has not stayed at the present address for the last one year, a set of 3 completed Personal Particulars Form.

  4. Processing time:

    It generally takes 7 working days from the date of application to receive a Police Clearance Certificate.


The submission of a Police Clearance Certificate is required when applying for an immigrant visa and certain nonimmigrant visas for the US. It is a statement which advises the consular officer of any criminal convictions held against your name, or whether your name is clear. Knowing when you need one, and how to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate, can save you a lot of time and aggravation. It is stressful enough without having to try to figure this out at the last minute.

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