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B Visa Extension: 10 Things You Must Know Before You Apply
Foreign nationals on a B visa classification in the US, who seek to extend their stay beyond their authorized period of admission , may make an application with the USCIS seeking an extension of stay on Form I-539, along with the prescribed fee and necessary supporting evidence. For the benefit of foreign nationals filing for B visa extension, we have listed in this article, 10 key things that they must keep in mind before applying for extension of stay, for successful approval of their B visa extension application.
B-1 Visa Extension Application: Issues to Consider Before Filing
Foreign nationals on B-1 visa, who see a need to extend their stay in the U.S. beyond their initial period of admission, often face a dilemma of whether to file for a B-1 visa extension application or to travel back to their home country and seek fresh admission at a later date. Conflicting opinions on the standard of scrutiny involved with an extension of status, the impact of a denial on the validity of the visa and future admissions, etc. does not make it easy for them to decide on an appropriate course of action. In this article, we aim to shed light on some basic and important things to consider when making the crucial decision about whether or not to file or when to file for a B-1 visa extension.
Does Your Passport Qualify for Travel Under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP)?
Visa free travelers, including children, entering the United States under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) require individual machinereadable passports (MRP). This requirement has been in place since October 26, 2004.
Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA): A Must For Visa Waiver Travelers
What is ESTA? Is ESTA really required for travelers under the visa waiver program (VWP)? People often confuse the ESTA Travel Authorization with a visa but it is not true. The ESTA Travel Authorization is not a visa. Then what actually is an ESTA? This article is designed to help you understand the meaning and purpose of the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). The article also throws a light on the differences between the Electronic System for Travel Authorization and a visa. The Electronic System for Travel Authorization has made visiting the United States an easy and simple process for the millions of visitors under the Visa Waiver Program; read out the article to find out how.
Avoid confusion at US Port of Entry
Approximately 28 million nonimmigrants enter or leave the U.S. annually to conduct business, study, visit family, or tour the country. Legitimate visitors are always welcome and the U.S. government is committed to facilitating their travel. However, a critical need for tighter security requires strict entry and exit procedures at the Port of Entry.

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