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The ‘Intern Visas’: Options for Employing Foreign Students and Recent Graduates
U.S. companies and employers often get concerned about employing foreign national students and graduates as interns, being unsure of what the related obligations could be. However, contrary to their fears, employing foreign national students and graduates to work as interns in their U.S. organizations, is not as difficult as many employers would think. For the benefit of U.S. companies and employers, desirous of employing foreign national students and graduates as interns, as well as foreign national students desirous of being employed as interns, we present in this article, a snapshot of couple of intern visa options that may be available to them to choose from in such situations.
The H1B for Market Research Analysts: Is It Still Possible?
U.S. Employers hiring foreign national professionals for the position of Market Research Analysts on an H1B generally face an arduous task to establish and prove that the proposed employment of the foreign national professional as a Market Research Analyst satisfies the requirements stipulated for the H1B. H1B petitions for Market Research Analysts often generate a Request For Evidence (RFE) and in many cases, results in the ultimate denial of petitions. However, in a recent Decision and Order, a U.S. District Court rejected USCIS’s narrow interpretation of the Department of Labor’s (DOL) Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) and directed granting of H1B status to the beneficiary as a Market Research Analyst [Residential Finance Corporation vs. USCIS]. In this article, we present a brief synopsis of the key points laid out by the court in its order, which will be helpful in better understanding the scope for Market Research Analysts under H1B.
US Visa for Occupational Therapists: The H1B Visa, TN Visa, and More…
Foreign national occupational therapists who wish to work in the U.S. have a variety of U.S. visa options to choose from. Each U.S. occupational therapist visa option is designed to serve a particular need, and each U.S. visa available to occupational therapist comes with its own requirements, advantages and limitations, often making it a difficult exercise for foreign national occupational therapists and their employers to identify the one that would be most suitable in their situation. In this article we present a snapshot of the most popular U.S. occupational therapist visa options that are available to foreign national occupational therapists who want to come and work in the U.S. temporarily.
Get a Head Start on Filing H-1B Visas With VisaPro's “H-1B Visa Timeline”
While it is not expected that the H-1B visa cap for the next fiscal year 2013 will be met in one or two days as in the past, the cap is also not expected to remain open for 7 or 8 months either as the U.S. economy continues on its path to recovery. It is well worth your time to be prepared to submit the H-1B petition as soon as possible as the final receipt date for the USCIS H-1B cap count is so unpredictable. By following our suggested H-1B timeline, you will have maximized your efforts to ensure timely and successful filing of your H-1B petition.
US Visa for Foreign Dentist: TN Visa, H1B Visa and the Dentist Green Card
Foreign national dentists desirous of working in the U.S. have a variety of nonimmigrant (temporary stay) and immigrant (permanent residence) visa options to choose from. While each visa option is designed to serve a particular need, and come with their own requirements, advantages and limitations, it often becomes difficult for foreign national dentists and their employers to identify the one that would be most suitable in their situation. In this article we present a snapshot of the most popular visa options that are available to foreign national dentists who want to come and work in the U.S., either as a permanent resident or as a temporary working professional.
US Visa for Artist and Entertainer: O1 Visa, P1 Visa, P3 Visa, B-1, and More...
Artists and entertainers who want to perform or exhibit in the US have a range of US visa options to choose from (O1 Visa, P1 Visa, P3 Visa, B-1, etc). Each US artist visa option and entertainer visa option has its own advantages and limitations. In this article, we provide an overview to help choose the best visa option that matches the artists or entertainers talents and purpose of the trip.
U.S. Visa for Teachers: H1B, O-1, TN, P-3, And More…
Foreign national teachers bring an international perspective to U.S. classrooms, benefitting not only the students they teach, but also the schools and communities that they are engaged in. Foreign national teachers who wish to come to the U.S. to teach in the U.S., have a variety of viable nonimmigrant visa options. With each visa option having its own benefits and limitations, foreign national teachers and professors, as well as the schools, institutions and universities that are desirous of engaging them in the U.S., often find it challenging to understand and select an appropriate visa for teachers, from the various nonimmigrant visa options that seem to be available. For their benefit, we present here, a snapshot of the various U.S. nonimmigrant visas that are available for teachers who want to come to and teach in the U.S.
B1 In Lieu Of H3: An Often Overlooked Trainee Visa
Employers requiring their overseas employees to undergo temporary, job-related training in the U.S. often overlook B1 in lieu of H3 visa. Unlike the H-3 trainee visa, the B1 in lieu of H3, which allows foreign national employees to participate in professional training programs of short durations in the U.S., does not require a prior USCIS petition. To qualify for the B1 in lieu of H3 visa, foreign nationals must present to the consular officer ample evidence to demonstrate compliance with certain special requirements in addition to the general eligibility requirements of a B1 visa. For the benefit of employers and trainees, we present a brief introduction to the B1 in lieu of H3 visa along with a quick comparison of the two visas, which would be help employees consider all options before identifying an appropriate visa option to suit their particular requirements.
H1B Visa for Fashion Models: An Overview
Foreign fashion models intending to work temporarily in the US are often unsure about the visa options available to them. While H1B visa remains a most sought after visa for fashion models, questions like do they require a bachelor’s degree to qualify for an H1B fashion model visa, what are the requirements and eligibility standards to qualify for the H1B visa, how they compare with eligibility standards of O-1 visa etc. continue to be asked regularly. In this article we aim to address the most common queries regarding H1B visa for fashion models and provide an overview of the eligibility requirements and the various steps involved in obtaining an H1B visa for fashion models.
Foreign Degree Credential Evaluation for H1B Visa: Who needs it?
The H-1B visa is one of the most sought-after visa categories. The H-1B visa offers a wide range of employment possibilities. To qualify for the H-1B visa foreign nationals must have a U.S. bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in their specialty. But what if the foreign national has a foreign bachelor’s degree? What if the foreign national does not have any bachelor’s degree (neither from U.S. not from foreign country) but has relevant work experience? In such situations you will need to get all your credentials evaluated (both educational and work experience) and submit that evaluation with the H-1B petition. This article explains what credential evaluation is and why it is required for H-1B visa. The article also discusses various ways to seek credential evaluation.

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