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U.S. Embassy Consular Exchange Rate adjusted in India
September 29, 2011
United States Embassy and Consulates in India have adjusted the consular exchange rate from INR 47 to the dollar to INR 50 to the dollar. This new exchange rate, which became effective on September 19, 2011, is effective for all rupee-denominated costs of applying for visas and passports, including the nonimmigrant visa application fee paid at HDFC bank branches prior to the scheduling of visa appointments. However, receipts there were issued by HDFC Bank prior to September 19, 2011 and which are still not more than a year old, will be honored.
Embassies in Copenhagen and Oslo will no longer process Immigrant Visa or Diversity Visa applications after 10/01/2011
September 06, 2011
Effective October 1, 2011, Embassies in Copenhagen and Oslo will no longer process immigrant visa (IV) or diversity visa (DV) applications. As of October 1, 2011, all immigrant and diversity visa interviews and adjudications for residents of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden will take place at the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden. This change only affects immigrant visa processing, and Embassies in Oslo and Copenhagen will continue to process nonimmigrant visas, and will continue to provide the full range of services to American citizens.
U.S. Consulate in Mumbai resumes H and L Visa Processing
September 05, 2011
The U.S. Consulate in Mumbai has announced the resumption of interviews in Mumbai for H and L visas. The Consulate has announced that it will open the appointment schedule on August 26, 2011, and the first interview appointments available are on September 6, 2011. All interviews will be conducted at the Lincoln House Consulate building, located at 78, Bhulabhai Desai Road, until further notice.
U.S. Consulate, Chennai reschedules Feb 2 appointments
January 30, 2007
The Chennai Consulate in India has moved all appointments on 2 February, 2007 to 6 February, 2007 or 13 February, 2007. To simplify the rescheduling, all L1 and L2 visa applicants have been rescheduled for 6 February, 2007 and all other applicants have been rescheduled to 13 February, 2007.
Englishspeaking applicants can now apply at other consulates
December 12, 2006
Effective December 4, 2006, nonimmigrant visa applicants who speak fluent English can now apply for a nonimmigrant visa at the U.S. Embassy, New Delhi or the U.S. Consulates in Chennai or Mumbai.
$50 Visa Issuance Fee eliminated for Indian nationals
November 12, 2006
U.S. Embassy, New Delhi announced the elimination of $50 nonimmigrant visa issuance fee for Indian citizens and implementation of procedures eliminating the visa appointments backlog.
U.S. Embassy Adjusts Consular Exchange Rate
November 7, 2006
Effective November 13, 2006, all United States consular sections in India will adjust the consular exchange rate from Rs. 48 to the dollar to Rs. 46 to the dollar.
Visa appointments in India currently available
October 17, 2006
Visa applicants in India will be happy to know that the consulates in India have opened various new slots for nonimmigrant visa appointments. Visa appointments are now available in all categories and applicants may reschedule their appointments.
Administrative Processing at U.S. Consulate, Chennai
June 06, 2006
Applicants for nonimmigrant visas no longer have to spend their time making calls and sending email messages to the American Consulate, Chennai to check the status of their visa cases which have been refused pending administrative processing.
Valentine’s day gift for Indians, U.S. adjusts consular exchange rate
February 10, 2005
Effective Monday February 14, 2005, the United States consular sections in India will adjust the consular exchange rate from US$1 = Rs. 46 to US$1 = Rs. 44, reducing rupee denominated costs of applying for visas, passports, and other consular services.

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