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L-1 Blanket

(Intra-company transfers)
VisaPro's experienced immigration attorneys will prepare and file all the required documents for a multinational company applying for the L-1 Blanket. Apply for L-1 Blanket
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L-1 Blanket is Suitable For:

  • U.S. companies that are branches, parents, subsidiaries or affiliates of foreign companies that frequently transfer their non-U.S. employees to their related U.S. companies

  • Your company may qualify for an L-1 Blanket if it meets one or more of the following requirements:

  • U.S. company with at least 1,000 employees

  • U.S. company which has obtained L-1 visas for at least ten of its employees during the previous 12 months

  • U.S. company and related U.S. companies have combined annual sales of at least $25 million

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Why Use VisaPro Immigration Lawyer Service?

  • Process your visa online: Fast, Easy & Secure

  • Experienced immigration attorneys prepare and file your case

  • Avoid costly mistakes and subsequent delays with the USCIS

  • Track the progress of your case online: 24 hours a day

  • Access to legal advice from the comfort of your home or office

  • Send unlimited case questions to your VisaPro attorney and receive timely
    responses online

  • Low, flat fee - No hidden costs

L-1 Blanket Immigration Service Includes:

  • Full Review of your personal circumstances

  • Confirmation that the L-1 Blanket visa is appropriate for you

  • Checklist of documents that you need for your L-1 Blanket visa

  • Accurate preparation of your visa application

  • Submission of your visa application to the proper government agencies

  • Careful co-ordination of all correspondence with government agencies

  • Expert advise on how to handle yourself at your Consular or USCIS interview,
    and what to expect

  • Online access to your case status

  • Unlimited personal communication with your own VisaPro immigration attorney

  • Fast, easy and secure processing through your personal online VisaPro account

Services Do Not Include:

  • Administrative or court review

  • Appeals from adverse initial decision

  • Deportation proceedings

  • Any certification to the successful outcome of the case


  • Managers and executives holding an L-1 visa may apply for a Green Card under the first preference category: priority workers. This category is exempt from Labor Certification. Apply for Green Card

  • Non-U.S. companies having more than one U.S. branch, affiliate, or subsidiary, need to obtain only one blanket L-1 Petition for all of its related U.S. companies.

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accurate application to the necessary Government Agencies.

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