Supplement A To Form I-485, Application To Register Permanent Resident


To provide supplemental information to USCIS on persons seeking to adjust status under the provisions of section 245(i) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

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Filing Fee


Edition Date

(Starting 02/21/17, USCIS will only accept the 01/17/17 edition. Until then, you can use previous editions.)

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Where To File I-485A

File this form along with your Form I-485.

File this form along with your Form I-485.
If you are filing at a lockbox, important filing tips, as well as additional information on fees and customer service, are listed on our Lockbox Filing Tips webpage.

I-485A Special Instructions

Note on Filing Fee:

The fee for Form I-485 Supplement A is $1,000 in addition to the fee required with your Form I-485. If you have filed Form I-485 separately, attach a copy of your filing receipt and pay only the additional fee of $1,000.

There is no fee when the applicant is an unmarried child less than 17 years of age, or when the applicant is the spouse, or the unmarried child less than 21 years of age of a legalized alien and who is qualified for and has applied for voluntary departure under the family unity program.

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