Potomac Service Center

The following is the USCIS Potomac Service Center Processing Time Report as of May 31, 2019.

FormPurposeSub-TypeNow Processing Cases with Estimated time range of:
I-90Application to Replace Permanent Resident CardInitial issuance or replacement
6 Months to 7.5 Months
I-90Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card10-year renewal
12.5 Months to 13.5 Months
I-129FPetition for Alien Fiance(e)K-3/K-4 – Already married – spouse and/or dependent child
11.5 Months to 15 Months
I-130Petition for Alien RelativeU.S. citizen filing for a spouse, parent, or child under 21
6.5 Months to 8.5 Months
I-765Application for Employment AuthorizationBased on a request by a qualified F-1 academic student. [(c)(3)]
4 Weeks to 5 Months


I-765Application for Employment AuthorizationBased on a pending asylum application [(c)(8)]
4 Weeks to 3 Months
I-765Application for Employment AuthorizationAll other applications for employment authorization
4 Weeks to 5 Months

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These Processing Times issued by USCIS gives you an estimate of how long it will take the Potomac Service Center to process a class of petitions or applications. USCIS generally processes cases as they are received (“first in, first out”). USCIS has also developed internal goals for most types of petitions and applications. For example, the stated goal for Form I-129’s (H-1B petitions) is 2 months.

How to use the Processing Time Report:

  1. Check your receipt notice (I-797C, Notice of Action) and make sure that the receipt number begins with “WAC”.
  2. Look for the Form number or Purpose for your petition or application.
  3. Look for the specific Sub-type for your petition or application, if applicable.
  4. Check the column titled “Now Processing Cases with Receipt Notice Date of”. If you see a date, the Service Center is currently processing cases filed on or before that date. If you see “X” months, it means that the Service Center is processing cases within their internally-developed goal time frames.

If you find that your case is outside “normal” processing times, you can contact USCIS Customer Service.

NOTE: If you received a notice from USCIS informing you that the case has been transferred from the Potomac Service Center to another Service Center or Local Field Office, check the processing times for the destination Service Center or Local Field Offices.

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