Texas Service Center

The following is the USCIS Texas Service Center Processing Time Report as of January 31, 2018.

FormPurposeSub-TypeNow Processing Cases with Receipt Notice Date of:
I-90Replacement or renewal of a permanent resident cardInitial issuance or replacement
10-year renewal
I-90AReplacement of a permanent resident card for a special agricultural worker (SAW)
I-102Application for Replacement/Initial Nonimmigrant Arrival/Departure RecordReplacement of an Arrival/Departure Record (Form I-94)
Initial issuance or replacement of a Form I-94September 07, 2017
I-129Petition for a nonimmigrant (temporary) workerH-1B specialty occupationVisa to be issued abroad
H-1B specialty occupationChange of status in the U.S
H-1B specialty occupationExtension of stay in the U.S
H-1C nurses
H-2A temporary workers
H-2B other temporary workers
H-3 temporary trainees
E treaty traders and investors
L intracompany transferees
Blanket L
O extraordinary ability
P athletes, artists, and entertainers
Q cultural exchange visitors and exchange visitors participating in the Irish Peace Process
R religious occupation
TN North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) professional
I-129FPetition for Alien fiance(e)K-1/K-2 Not yet married — fiance and/or dependent childSeptember 08, 2017
K-3/K-4 Already married — spouse and/or dependent childSeptember 08, 2017
I-130Petition for a relativeU.S. Citizen filing for spouse, parent, or child under 21July 01, 2017
U.S. Citizen filing for unmarried son or daughter over 21July 01, 2017
U.S. Citizen filing for married son or daughter over 21July 01, 2017
U.S. Citizen filing for brother or sisterJuly 01, 2017
Permanent resident filing for spouse or child under 21September 08, 2017
Permanent resident filing for unmarried son or daughter over 21September 08, 2017
I-131Application for a travel documentPermanent resident applying for a re-entry permitNovember 07, 2017
Refugee or asylee applying for a refugee travel documentNovember 07, 2017
Haitian Refugee Immigrant Fairness Act (HRIFA) principal applying for advance paroleNovember 07, 2017
Haitian Refugee Immigrant Fairness Act (HRIFA) dependent applying for advance paroleNovember 07, 2017
All other applicants for advance paroleNovember 07, 2017
I-140Immigrant Petition for Alien WorkerExtraordinary ability (E11)September 05, 2017
Outstanding professor or researcher (E12)September 05, 2017
Multinational executive or manager (E13)July 04, 2017
Schedule A NursesSeptember 05, 2017
Advanced degree or exceptional ability (E21)September 05, 2017
Advanced degree or exceptional ability
requesting a national interest waiver (NIW)
September 21, 2017
Skilled worker or professional (E31; E32)September 05, 2017
Unskilled worker (EW3)September 05, 2017
I-212Application for Permission to Reapply for Admission into the U.S. After Deportation or RemovalReadmission after deportation or removal
I-360Petition for Amerasians, widows/widowers, and special
International broadcasters
Religious workers
Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
All other special immigrants
I-485Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust statusEmployment-based adjustment applicationsApril 29, 2017
Based on grant of asylum more than 1 year agoJuly 19, 2016
Adjustment application based on refugee admission more than 1 year ago
Under the Haitian Refugee Immigrant Fairness Act (HRIFA)
Under the Indochinese Adjustment Act
Under the Nicaraguan and Central American Relief Act (NACARA)
Under the Legal Immigration and Family Equity Act
I-526Immigrant Investor Petition
I-539Application to change or extend nonimmigrant (temporary) statusChange of status to H or L (specialty occupation worker or intracompany transferee)
Change status to the F or M academic or vocational student categories
Change Status to the J exchange visitor category
All other change of status applications
Extension of stay for H and L specialty occupation workers and intracompany
Extension of Stay for F or M academic or vocational students
Extension of Stay for J exchange visitors
All other extension applications.
I-601Application for a Waiver of Grounds of InadmissibilityWaiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility
I-612Application for Waiver of the Foreign Residence RequirementApplication for a waiver of the 2-year foreign residence requirement based on exceptional hardship or persecutionOctober 08, 2017
I-730Refugee/Asylee Relative PetitionPetition for accompanying family members of a refugee or an asyleeJuly 24, 2017
I-751Removal of lawful permanent resident conditions (spouses of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents)
I-765Application for Employment Authorizationbased on TPS for EI Salvador [(c)(19), (a)(12)]November 07, 2017
based on a request by a qualified F-1 academic student. [(c)(3)]November 07, 2017
based on a pending asylum application [(c)(8)]January 15, 2018
based on a pending I-485 adjustment application [(c)(9)]November 07, 2017
based on TPS for Honduras/Nicaragua [(c)(19), (a)(12)]November 07, 2017
Based on a concurrently filed I-821D, Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (c)(33).November 07, 2017
All other applications for employment authorizationNovember 07, 2017
I-817Application for Family Unity BenefitsVoluntary departure under the family unity programAugust 09, 2017
I-821Application for temporary protected statusEl Salvador initial or late filing
El Salvador extension
Honduras and Nicaragua initial or late filing
Honduras and Nicaragua extension
I-824To request further action on an application or petition that has already been approved
I-821DConsideration of Deferred Action for Childhood ArrivalsRequest for Deferred Action

 October 23, 2017
I-829Removal of lawful permanent resident conditions (immigrant investors)
I-829Removal of lawful permanent resident conditions (immigrant investors) based on PL107-273
N-565Application for Replacement Naturalization/Citizenship DocumentU.S. citizen applying for a replacement of naturalization or citizenship certificate

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These Processing Times issued by USCIS gives you an estimate of how long it will take the Texas Service Center to process a class of petitions or applications. USCIS generally processes cases as they are received (“first in, first out”). USCIS has also developed internal goals for most types of petitions and applications. For example, the stated goal for Form I-140 is 4 months.

How to use the Processing Time Report:

  1. Check your receipt notice (I-797C, Notice of Action) and make sure that the receipt number begins with “SRC”.
  2. Look for the Form number or Purpose for your petition or application.
  3. Look for the specific Sub-type for your petition or application, if applicable.
  4. Check the column titled “Now Processing Cases with Receipt Notice Date of”. If you see a date, the Service Center is currently processing cases filed on or before that date. If you see “X” months, it means that the Service Center is processing cases within their internally-developed goal time frames.

If you find that your case is outside “normal” processing times, you can contact USCIS Customer Service.

NOTE: If you received a notice from USCIS informing you that the case has been transferred from the Texas Service Center to another Service Center or Local Field Office, check the processing times for the destination Service Center or Local Field Offices.

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