F1 Employment Options:

Introduction The F1 Visa Program allows bright students from around the world the opportunity to come and study in the U.S., thereby not only enriching them academically but exposing them to American culture and values. A common question for many F1 student visa holders is regarding their employment options both during and after their education. […]

USA Internship Visa:

Introduction Many employers often get concerned about employing foreign students and graduates as interns because they are unsure of what the related obligations will be. Contrary to any fears, employing foreign students and graduates as interns is not as difficult as many employers think. My Case Scenario Linda Linda, an HR Manager at a California-based […]

Free Ebook: Studying In The U.S.:
F, M and J Visa Options

This free report will help you explore the most appropriate Student Visa option for your situation. With this ebook, you’ll be able to: Evaluate your eligibility for a U.S. Student Visa Determine the best student visa option for foreign nationals studying in the U.S. Find out if you qualify for F, M or J Visa […]