P-3 Visa For Artists And Entertainers:

Introduction P-3 visa is available for foreign national artists and entertainers who are coming temporarily to the United States to perform, teach, or coach under a program that is culturally unique. The program may be of a commercial or noncommercial nature and the foreign national artists or entertainers could be performing either individually or as […]

P1 Visa For Foreign Entertainment Groups

Introduction The United States has always welcomed artists and entertainers from all over the world to come and perform. Entire industries in the U.S. were created and built around the promotion and showcasing of artistic talent both for its entertainment value and the promotion of cultural advancement. Here we present an overview of a popular […]

U.S. Visa For Teachers Additional Options:

Introduction US work visa options for teachers to come and work in the U.S. are not restricted to the more popular H-1B, J-1, and the TN visa classifications! Here we present a snapshot of alternative US visa options for teachers – the P-3 visa, O-1 visa, R-1 visa and Q-1 visa. 1. The P-3 Visa […]