July 24, 2024
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EST

About The Webinar

The U.S. offers numerous visa options for foreign entrepreneurs, investors, startup founders and business owners, who are considering to start and/or grow the business in USA. This webinar will provide you an overview of the U.S. visa options, the requirements, and the key strategies associated with securing the most suitable U.S. entrepreneur visa successfully.

You’ll Learn

  • Strategies For International & Immigrant Entrepreneurs
  • International Entrepreneur Parole – The New Kid On The Block
  • O-1 Visa For Entrepreneurs – How To Demonstrate ‘Extraordinary’ Ability?
  • L-1 Visa For Opening A Company In The U.S. – Things You Must Know
  • E Visas For Treaty Investors And Treaty Traders – How To Qualify?
  • E-2 Visa For Citizens Of China, India & Other Non-Treaty Countries
  • H-1B Visa For Entrepreneurs & Startups – How To Prepare It Right
  • Green Card – When Is It An Effective Entry Strategy?
  • 7 Ways To Adjust From Work Visa To Green Card
  • Investment Requirement: What Is The Bare Minimum?
  • Strategic Considerations In Selecting The Right Visa Option
  • Visa Options For Dependents – Family Matters!
  • Typical Case Scenarios
  • PLUS: Q&A With The Attorney

United States Immigration Lawyer - Consult Now!About The Attorney
Ancy S. Varghese

Ms. Ancy Varghese, a U.S. Immigration Lawyer, will provide an overview of the various U.S. work visas for entrepreneurs, startup founders, business owners and executives, and will share practical tips on how to identify and get an appropriate U.S. startup visa to start and grow your business in the U.S.

With 15+ years in practicing immigration law, Ms. Varghese has experienced almost every business immigration issue. An aggressive practitioner, she provides expert immigration opinions and advises clients ranging from startup entrepreneurs, CEOs, business executives, investors, software professionals, researchers & scientists to artists.


We worked with VisaPro to obtain an L-1 visa and the Green Card. The service provided was professional in every aspect – structured approach, fast feedback, very skilled people, quick status updates through our account on their website. The preparation of the documents was perfect, and Visa and Green Card were approved without any additional questions asked.”

I am one of those numerous entrepreneurs, who were fortunate to have sought Venkat's expertise in setting up a business, in the USA. What began as an immigration advice soon grew into a wholesome advisory in all aspects of incorporating our U.S. business.....Venkat's inputs often go beyond the mandate of an advisor and assumes the character of a valuable mentor."

I am pleased to write a review of my experience with VisaPro, who helped me get my green card. I discovered VisaPro with a web search and arranged an interview with [the Attorney], who quickly ascertained upon reviewing my CV that I wasting my time exploring an O-1 visa but rather I should be looking at the EB-1 category: Alien of Extraordinary Ability. Overall this is a great team who really know what they are doing. One cannot go wrong in using them for your visa needs.