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1:00 pm – 2:15 pm EST

About The Webinar

This webinar is your step-by-step guide to seizing opportunities in the United States. It’s for:

  1. foreign-born entrepreneurs who are on U.S. visas, such as the H-1B, H-4, L-1, O-1 and E-2 visas, who want to start their own companies.
  2. international students who are attending U.S. universities for education.

The webinar covers everything from things to consider before starting a company to choosing the winning strategies for achieving growth and scale. It also discusses such crucial matters as, how to find partners and plan and execute your market entry strategy. And it explains how to raise smart funds and secure the most suitable U.S. entrepreneur visa successfully.

Along the way, you will hear from outstanding foreign entrepreneurs who have successfully expanded their companies into USA.

You’ll Learn

A. How To Start, Fund and Scale Your Business in The USA
  • 10 Things To Consider Before Starting A Startup
  • How To Raise Smart Funds From Big Name Angels And Venture Capitalists?
  • How To Create Your Dream Team In The U.S.?
  • Recruiting The Board of Directors
  • Build, Buy or Partner: Choosing The Mode of Entry
  • Winning Strategies For Achieving Growth & Scale
  • 13 Ways To Raise Funds In The U.S.
  • How To Put U.S. Free Trade Agreements With 20 Countries To Your Benefit?
  • Non-Resident Can’t Raise Funds From The U.S. Banks? You Have Alternatives!
  • Introduction To Company Formation In The USA
  • How To Choose The Type Of Business Entity: Corporation, LLC, LLP
  • Key Tax & Legal Considerations That You Must Understand
  • How To Select The Right Service Providers
B.U.S. Immigration Strategies
  • H-1B Visa For Entrepreneurs & Startups – How To Get It Right
  • E Visas For Treaty Investors And Treaty Traders – How To Qualify?
  • E-2 Visa For Citizens Of China, India & Other Non-Treaty Countries
  • How To Choose Between L-1 Visa and E Visas (E-1 and E-2)
  • O-1 Visa For Entrepreneurs – How To Demonstrate ‘Extraordinary’ Eligibility?
  • International Entrepreneur Parole Program – The New Kid On The Block
  • TN Visa: When Is It An Effective Option?
  • B-1 Visa: Why Understanding Permissible Business Activities Is Vital
  • Starting A Business On F-1 OPT: Things To Keep In Mind
  • H-1B Visa Through Entrepreneurial Programs In Universities: How To Get One
  • Concurrent H-1Bs For Entrepreneurs: Is It Possible?
  • Green Cards – Can They Be An Effective Strategy?
  • Strategic Considerations In Selecting The Right Visa Option
C.Typical Case Scenarios
D.PLUS: Q&A With The Attorney & Business Advisors

United States Immigration Lawyer - Consult Now!About Ancy S. Varghese
U.S. Immigration Attorney

Ms. Ancy Varghese, a U.S. Immigration Lawyer, will provide an overview of the various U.S. work visas for entrepreneurs, startup founders, business owners and executives, and will share practical tips on how to identify and get an appropriate U.S. startup visa to start and grow your business in the U.S.

With 15+ years in practicing immigration law, Ms. Varghese has experienced almost every business immigration issue. An aggressive practitioner, she provides expert immigration opinions and advises clients ranging from startup entrepreneurs, CEOs, business executives, investors, software professionals, researchers & scientists to artists.

United States Business Advisor - Consult Now!About Venkat Ramineni
U.S. Entrepreneur, Investor, Business Advisor

Mr. Ramineni began as a young immigrant, was recognized early on by the U.S. Government as one of the extraordinary foreign nationals. He self-established himself as a successful entrepreneur, and has grown to be a mentor of other businesses. It should come as no surprise that The Los Angeles Times featured Mr. Ramineni on the front page together with President Obama as part of the U.S. trade delegation to India. He was the lead investor at the prestigious Global Entrepreneurship Summit and together with Ivanka Trump he represented USA. He currently counsels companies from over 25 countries, travels with the Presidents on trade trips, works together with Department of Commerce on increasing FDI into the U.S. and presents at global events.

CEO-InfobeansAbout Mitesh Bohra
President, InfoBeans

InfoBeans is the growth story of a Digital Transformation and Software Product Engineering Company that has acquired 2 companies in the last 2 years, and their stock price has quadrupled in the last 1 year. Mr. Bohra will share the numerous challenges they faced along the way, especially those related to building the US company from scratch, transferring employees from Indian operations, striking the right balance between US and foreign employees, payroll and employment taxes, and acquiring US companies for growth and scaling.


I am one of those numerous entrepreneurs, who were fortunate to have sought Venkat's expertise in setting up a business, in the USA. What began as an immigration advice soon grew into a wholesome advisory in all aspects of incorporating our U.S. business.....Venkat's inputs often go beyond the mandate of an advisor and assumes the character of a valuable mentor."

We worked with VisaPro to obtain an L-1 visa and the Green Card. The service provided was professional in every aspect – structured approach, fast feedback, very skilled people, quick status updates through our account on their website. The preparation of the documents was perfect, and Visa and Green Card were approved without any additional questions asked.”

I am pleased to write a review of my experience with VisaPro, who helped me get my green card. I discovered VisaPro with a web search and arranged an interview with [the Attorney], who quickly ascertained upon reviewing my CV that I wasting my time exploring an O-1 visa but rather I should be looking at the EB-1 category: Alien of Extraordinary Ability. Overall this is a great team who really know what they are doing. One cannot go wrong in using them for your visa needs.