H2A Visa

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

11. Can I study on H-2A visa?

Yes, you may study on H-2A visa, however, you may not join a full length program like an F-1. You may take up a few credits at a university, when they do not harm the primary interest of the visa.

12. Can I bring my dependents on H-2A visa?

Yes, you may bring your dependents on H-2A visa. Your spouse and unmarried children are entitled to an H-4 visa and they can stay as long as you maintain valid H-2A status.

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13. Can my dependents work on H-4 visa?

No, your dependents may not work on dependent status. They have to apply for appropriate Work Visa.

14. Can my dependents study on H-4 visa?

Yes, your dependents may study on H-4 visa, and they do not have to apply for a separate Student Visa.

15. What is the processing time for H-2A visa?

The employer should file the H-2A petition at least 60 days but not more than 120 days before the worker is needed. As this is a lengthy process, the employer must allow enough processing time for delays and correction of application errors.