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US Passport Forms

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All adult US Citizens are required to have a U.S. passport to leave and enter the U.S. by air, sea or land and the requirement exists for most children as well. Whether you need the passport as a travel document, or proof of U.S. citizenship, or need to inform the DOS and the US Passport Agency regarding changes to your name or identity, you can find the forms here.

Use the table below to find the US Passport form you need.

Form Form Name
DS-10 Birth Affidavit
DS-11 Application for Passport
DS-3053 Issuance of a Passport to a Minor Under Age 16
DS-4085 Application for Additional Visa Pages
DS-5504 Application for a U.S. Passport - Name Change, Data Collection and Limited Passport Book Replacement
DS-60 Affidavit Regarding Change of Name
DS-64 Statement Regarding Lost or Stolen Passport
DS-82 U.S. Passport Renewal Application


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