Biometrics Requirement Suspended For H-4, L-2, And E Status Extensions And Change of Status I-539 Applications

USCIS is temporarily suspending the biometrics requirement for applicants seeking an extension of stay in, or change of status to, H-4, L-2 and E status in the U.S. The temporary suspension of biometrics submission requirement goes into effect on May 17, 2021 and will be in effect till May 17, 2023, unless revoked earlier by USCIS.

The 24-month suspension of biometrics requirement will apply to the only the Form I-539 applications in the above categories that are

  • pending as of May 17, 2021 and have not yet received a biometric services appointment notice, or
  • new I-539 applications postmarked or submitted electronically on or after May 17, 2021.

Form I-539 applicants in the above categories who have already received a biometric services appointment notice should still attend their scheduled appointment.

Starting May 17, 2021, H-4, L-2, and E nonimmigrants filing Form I-539 will not be required to submit the $85 biometric services fee. Applicants in the above categories must keep in mind that USCIS will reject paper Form I-539 applications postmarked May 27, 2021, or later, if a single payment covering both the I-539 filing fee and the $85 biometrics services fee is submitted, and the applicant will have to re-file the Form I-539 without the biometric services fee.

If you have any questions regarding the H-4, L-2 or E status extensions or change of status, or need help filing a Form I-539, contact VisaPro Law Firm today. Our experienced immigration attorneys will be happy to assist you.

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