FY 2022 H1B Cap Registration Period To Open on March 9

The FY 2022 H1B Cap filing season will begin on March 9, 2021!

USCIS has announced that the initial registration period for FY 2022 H1B cap will open at 12 pm Eastern Time on March 9 and will be open till 12 pm Eastern Time on March 25. Employers seeking to file H1B cap petitions must first electronically register and pay the H1B registration fee for each beneficiary during this initial registration period.

Employers and their authorized representatives must complete the H1B cap registration process electronically by creating an USCIS online account. The registration process would require submission of basic information about the prospective petitioner and each H1B beneficiary. A $10 non-refundable H1B registration fee will be required to be paid for each beneficiary. USCIS will run the H1B lottery on properly submitted electronic registrations after the initial registration period closes and only petitioners of selected registrations will be eligible to file the H1B cap petitions.

We will continue to monitor the developments related to the H1B cap 2021 filing requirements, and will keep our readers updated.

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