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“VisaPro is a wonderful company that offers immigration services on line. Immigration forms can be confusing and if not done correctly along with the proper documentation the delay can be many months and possibly years. VisaPro has an easy on line system to use and [the VisaPro legal team] was always just a phone call away to help with some of the issues that came up with my fiancee’s K-1 Visa. My fiancee now has her visa and will be coming to join me in September and we will use VisaPro for the rest of the immigration process. I would recommend VisaPro to anyone who wants to make sure their immigration is done correctly. Thanks VisaPro and a big thanks to [the VisaPro legal team]. [The VisaPro legal team] is the greatest!”

“I’d like to express sincere and heartfelt thanks to both of you and the Visa Pro team for successfully preparing the case that led to my wife getting the greenlight on her [K-3 Visa] to the USA. This is the best news I have received this year, and without a doubt the most positive news I have received since I got married to Irina last year.

Thank you so much for helping me and Irina to navegate through the maelstrom of legal paperwork required for processing an immigration visa. I am certain that your help was critical to the success of our case and we are so happy that we followed your advice.

May God bless you all mightily for the outstanding work you do to bring lives together. I will happily refer you to anyone that comes into my path requiring immigration visa services.”

Yours most thankfully and respectfully,

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“Hi [VisaPro legal team], our case is complete and I wanted to thank Visa Pro for assisting me in geting my wife here from the 2nd busiest embassy in the world the Philippines. We used Visa Pro for the Fiance K-1 Visa, the change of status and also the removal of conditions. The fees are reasonable and we knew Visa Pro would not foward our application unless it was correct and complete. Thanks again for your service. She now has her permanent green card good for 10 years.”

“She went to her [K-1] interview everything went as planed. She was able to obtain Her Visa. I am very pleased with Your work and very thank ful for everything you did. [VisaPro legal team] thank You so much it was a pleasant time the I talked to You you are so nice and have a good way to treat customers thank you again.”

Best regards,

“I want to thank you for the outstanding work you did for us. Since applying for the K-1 Visa sometimes confusing INS process was made easy for us. And a special thanks for always taking the time to talk to me and also answer my e-mails.

Now that my fiance’ is here from Brazil, thanks to Visa Pro, we can now concentrate on finalizing the work necessary to obtain her permanent status.

Thanks again for everything. I am recommending you to my friends who have fiances’ from foreign countries.”


“VisaPro is an excellent Online Immigration company. We were very pleased with all aspects of their services [K-1 visa + Adjustment of Status]. They made the immigration process reasonably simple and were always ready to help and give excellent advice.

We made many calls to VisaPro during our journey through the entire immigration process and were always very happy and relieved following our conversation with [VisaPro legal team], our VisaPro representative. Thank you so much for your fair and honest input with this very important issue we faced over the past several months…everything has turned out positively and we now enjoy our time together here in the USA.

We will recommend VisaPro to our friends and am sure our association with VisaPro will continue for a very long time.”

“Recently I found out that my K-1 Fiance Visa had been approved by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. I want to thank all the attorneys and staff at VisaPro for all the excellent services and assistance that has made this day come true. My fiance and I are extremely happy and it was money well spent. Of particular thanks goes to [VisaPro legal team] for all the many times I called with questions and always did his best to keep me optimistic during the process.”

Best regards,

“I want to take the time to express how happy I am that I used VISAPRO to answer my questions. As far as I am concerned, you guys are the best! You were easy to use, affordable, quick to respond and the whole transaction was conveniently transmitted via the Internet! Your immigration attorney not only understood the letter of the law regarding my issues, but its spirit as anyone. Thank you again VISAPRO!”

“I would like to thank VisaPro for the excellent service and advice they provided me. I was at a lose as to where to turn to find the answers I needed and VisaPro provided me with these. I really appreciated the quick service in terms of arranging an appointment time for me and the fact that I also received a followup email confirming all items discussed and recommendations VisaPro’s lawyer gave me. I totally recommend this service to anyone looking for answers to their immigration questions. VisaPro is fast, efficient and pleasant to deal with.”

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