L2 Visa

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What Is L2 Visa?

The L2 visa allows the dependent spouse and minor, unmarried children of qualified L-1 visa holders to enter into the U.S.

2. What Privileges Do I Enjoy on L-2 Visa?

On L-2 visa, you may:

  1. Reside in the U.S. for the duration of the L-1 visa holder’s authorized duration of stay
  2. If your are an L-2 Spouse you may work on a full-time basis in the U.S. with proper Employment Authorization from the USCIS
  3. Engage in full-time study in the U.S.
  4. Travel in and out of the U.S. on short trips and return
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3. What Are The Limitations of L-2 Visa?

You may not apply for Employment Authorization if you are a dependent child on L-2 visa.

4. How Long Can I Stay In The U.S. on L-2 Visa?

You may stay as long as the primary L-1 visa holder maintains valid status, or up to a maximum of seven years, whichever is shorter.

5. How Do I Apply For L-2 Visa?

For L2 visa application, you must submit:

  1. Completed DS-160 visa application. The DS-160 must be completed online
  2. Demand draft for Visa application fee
  3. Demand draft for Visa issuance fee
  4. Original valid passport
  5. Recent Passport style photograph
  6. Original marriage certificate
  7. Four to five marriage photographs in case you are an L-2 spouse. Photographs must be very clear and easy to identify both the bride, and the bridegroom
  8. Copy of your parent’s or spouse’s L-1 approval
  9. Parent’s or Spouse’s employment verification letter
  10. Demand draft for visa application fee
  11. Demand draft for visa issuance fee

6. How long does the Employment Authorization processing for L-2 status take?

The law mandates that the USCIS shall issue Employment Authorization documents within 90 days. However, at some service centers, the wait currently exceeds 90 days.

7. What should I do if I do not receive an Employment Authorization on L-2 visa within 90 days?

You have the option of submitting a new Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, along with copies of the required supporting documents and the receipt for the original application at the Service Centre closest to you. Based on this, you will receive an employment authorization document which is valid for 240 days while the USCIS processes your two year employment authorization document.

8. How long is the employment authorization valid on L-2 status?

Your employment authorization document is valid for two years and may be renewed as long as you continue to maintain proper L-2 status.

9. Can I be employed in any kind of job on L-2 visa?

Yes, there is no limit on the nature of the authorized employment. The USCIS refers to this as ‘open market’ employment authorization.

10. Will my time in the U.S. as L-2 spouse count against the six years I'm allowed in H-1B temporary professional working status?

No, your time in the U.S. on L-2 visa will not count against the six years the law allows you to work in the U.S. on H-1B visa. The USCIS approves H-1B status for professional workers in up to three year intervals.

11. Can I adjust status to legal permanent resident on L-2 visa?

Yes, you may apply for Adjustment of Status. Based on the L-1 principals adjustment of status application.You need to file Form I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, with the USCIS.

12. Do I need to apply for Advance Parole when I have to travel abroad on L-2 visa?

No, you do not need to apply for Advance Parole if you are a valid L-2 visa holder and wish to travel internationally. This is true as long as you maintain nonimmigrant status.

13. Can I change from H-4 to L-2 status so that I can get work authorization?

Yes, if your spouse qualifies for L-1 status, you may apply for a change of status from H-4 to L-2 status and your spouse from H-1B to L-1 status. To obtain work authorization, you should submit Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, together with your Form I-539, Application for Change or Extension of Status.