Temporary Protected Status

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

11. Can I obtain work permit on Temporary Protected Status?

Yes, if your TPS application is approved, you will receive work authorization, if requested. At the same time you apply for Temporary Protected Status, you must submit Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, and the appropriate fee to apply for a work permit.

12. Can I travel outside the U.S. on Temporary Protected Status?

No, you must remain continuously physically present in the United States on TPS. The grant of TPS status does not mean that you have permission to travel abroad, though permission to travel may be granted by the district director according to the Service’s advance parole provisions. Failure to obtain Advance Parole prior to traveling abroad may result in the withdrawal of your TPS and/or the institution or re-calendaring of removal proceedings.

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13. Does Temporary Protected Status lead to permanent resident status?

No, TPS does not lead to permanent resident status. When the Secretary of Homeland Security terminates your TPS designation, you will return to the same immigration status you had before TPS unless that status has expired or has been terminated, or to any other status you may have been granted while in TPS.

14. Do I need to re-register if my Temporary Protected Status is extended?

Yes, if you are granted TPS, you must re-register with the USCIS for each period that your TPS benefits are extended. To re-register, submit a completed Form I-821, Application for Temporary Protected Status, and Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, during the period stated in the Federal Register notice of extension of the TPS designation. If you do not re-register each period, your TPS will be withdrawn.

15. Can I appeal a denial of my application for Temporary Protected Status?

If your application for TPS is denied, you will receive instructions telling you whether or not you are allowed to appeal the decision. Instructions on how to appeal will be included in the notice of denial.