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A Success Story!


Immigration Monitor, our monthly newsletter, completes one year this month (August 2006). It was exactly one year ago when our immigration newsletter made its humble beginning in the immigration world as a unique medium to build relationships with our esteemed readers. In this article we analyze how Immigration Monitor has grown over the past one year and created a special place in our reader’s hearts, touching their lives every month.

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The Preparations

Our team can never forget the marathon meetings that went into planning the first edition of our newsletter. Launching a specialized newsletter on U.S. Immigration matters was not as difficult as it was differentiating our newsletter from the others that were circulating in the immigration world. However, we kept one basic thing in mind that our newsletter is not for attorneys but for ordinary people interested in understanding their immigration issues in a simple and straight-forward manner. The best times were the sessions where our entire team used to sit and propose the name of our newsletter, until we finalized – Immigration Monitor!

Our First Response

The first issue was sent in August 2005 to our clients and to all those users who had registered on our website. Those were the most anxious moments for the entire team, with various questions on our minds. Did we review the entire content properly? Are the newsletters really going to the users’ inbox? What will be our readers’ comments? Finally the first response came in. It was from Ms. Nadia H. saying – “It is just really great!!!!!!!!” – and then the feedback started pouring in.

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Is Immigration Monitor Interesting?

We conducted a poll amongst our readers to rate our immigration newsletter on various parameters. Over 80% of our readers found our newsletter interesting.

Do Our Readers Like The Content?

Over 87% of our readers voted that the content of Immigration Monitor was excellent or good.

How Is The Design of Immigration Monitor?

Another challenge before us was the design of the newsletter. Our website receives excellent reviews from everyone – users, attorneys, and technicians as well as graphics artists. Our Graphics Design team tested hundreds of color combinations before finalizing the current style. It’s good to see that a huge majority of our readers are quite happy with the design.

Usability Is Very Important

We also asked our readers to comment on how they find the usability of our newsletter. Over 81% rated the usability of Immigration Monitor as good or excellent.

What Sort of Feedback Do We Receive?

The most important feather in the cap of Immigration Monitor has been the tremendous feedback we have received from our readers. Our readers have been an active part of the team that handles Immigration Monitor today. They have told us what they liked and what they didn’t. They have also sent us suggestions on how to improve certain sections or articles. They have sent us ideas on what information should we cover in our articles.

Do We Really Care About What our Readers say?

Many of our readers would like to say, “Hey! I suggested this to VisaPro and look… they’ve added it”. And this is what we have always wanted. We have always addressed our readers as ‘friends’ and we believe that Immigration Monitor is their own publication. This is why we review each and every email we receive and appreciate the involvement of the ultimate users in deciding what they want and how they want it. There are several examples we would like to share.

We received emails from a few graphic designers with some suggestions on improving the color combination. One of our users said that the design of our website was just “OK”. We reviewed the design, asked for more feedback, and actually implemented some of the changes to enhance the design and, believe us, it really looked better than before.

Another user wanted updates on DV Lottery program and we included a detailed article on that topic in the next issue. Several readers wanted us to write about the consular processing issues at the consulates in their country. This prompted us into introducing a series of articles on visa processing at major consulates across the world. Another reader suggested we write a detailed article on K-1 and K-3 visas, and we wrote a couple of articles explaining each situation in detail.

Can You Make A Difference?

Yes, you can! As noted above, Immigration Monitor is yours. We write it for you and thus, you should decide what we should write. You should let us know what you like and what you don’t like. We understand that it is extremely difficult to satisfy everyone, but we undertake a conscious effort to deliver the best. Join over 83,000 users who received Immigration Monitor last month.


Immigration Monitor today has surpassed various Goliath’s of the immigration world and has created a niche among those who are interested to read about U.S. immigration. It’s been one year that we have shared the tears and the joy of our readers through a relationship maintained through our immigration newsletter. Each of such instances has been a story in itself… A success story indeed!

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