K1 Fiance Visa Interview Questions

And How To Answer Them


The K1 fiancé visa interview is usually the final step of the K1 visa process in the foreign national’s home country. The interview is commonly the most nervous step in the entire process as K1 applicants are subject to an intense visa interview at the U.S. Consulates.

Through this article we will help you gain an understanding of what questions to expect during the K1 visa interview, and how to answer them diligently.

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1. K1 Fiancé Visa Interview – What Is It?

The K1 fiancé visa interview is where the foreign national fiancé of the U.S. citizen is interviewed by a consular officer who must determine whether or not the relationship is legitimate. The consular officer has the discretion to grant a visa, ask for additional information or evidence, or deny the visa.

The U.S. citizen is never required to attend the K1 fiancé visa interview at the consulate. While some consulates do allow the U.S. citizen to attend, it is best to check with the Consulate before doing so. Children who will be applying for the K-2 visa must also attend the interview.

K1 fiancé visa interviews were very difficult for individuals coming out of China, Russia, Vietnam, Mexico and the Philippines.

U.S. Consulates worldwide have experienced higher rates of K1 fiancé visa fraud. As a result, the intense scrutiny of K1 fiancé visa applications is no longer restricted to nationals of these countries.

K 1 Visa Interview Questions And Answers

My Case Scenario
Xia Chang

Xia Chang and Jacob Miller, who had been dating each other for three years, got engaged last year in China. Xia is a Chinese national and Jacob is a U.S. citizen. Jacob filed a K1 fiancée visa petition on behalf of Xia. The petition has been approved and Xia has been scheduled to appear at the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou for her visa interview.

One week before the interview, Xia heard from some of her friends that the K1 fiancée visa interview is daunting, especially for Chinese nationals. Apparently, because of some of fraud cases that occurred in China, her friends told her that immigration officials presume that most Chinese women marry U.S. citizens simply for a chance to go to the U.S. and get a green card, but not for love. With only a week remaining for her interview, Xia started panicking. She had no idea about the questions she may be asked during the interview. The fact that Jacob would not accompany her to interview made her even more nervous.

Read on to learn more about the realities and ease your nerves.

2. K1 Fiancé Visa Interview – What To Expect?

The K1 fiancé visa interview lasts anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes on an average. The interview may take place in a separate room, if space permits, or at a window. In most cases, officers will ask approximately 10 to 15 questions during each interview, which will include basic questions about the foreign national fiancé. Remember, it is okay to forget or not know some of the answers. It is important to remain calm and resist the urge to guess or make up answers.

The officer will also most likely ask to see documents which evidence a bona fide relationship, including photographs together, correspondence, proof that you met in-person, wedding preparations, evidence of formal engagement ceremonies performed as part of local customs, etc.

Though it is a ‘fiancé visa’ interview, it is conducted much like the interview for spouses of U.S. citizens. This is why K1 visa holders are not necessarily interviewed again in the U.S. before receiving the green card.

3. K1 Fiancé Visa Interview – What Do They Assess?

During the K1 fiancé visa interview, the consular officer evaluates:

a) Whether the foreign national fiancé has complete knowledge about the U.S. citizen fiancé and his or her life, including details about family, children, past relationships, marriages, employment, etc.

b) Whether the foreign national fiancé is genuinely interested in the U.S. citizen and is serious about marrying him/her, or is more interested in just going to the U.S.

c) Whether the foreign national is admissible (has not committed any serious crimes or visa fraud in the past, has no communicable diseases of public health significance, etc.).

The consular officer’s primary responsibility is to ascertain the bona fides of the relationship. The interview questions are designed to weed out applicants who may not have a real relationship with the U.S. citizen fiancé and are simply seeking a way to go to the U.S.

As an individual who is going to get married, the foreign national fiancé is expected to answer basic questions about the U.S. citizen fiancé and their relationship.

Sample K1 Visa Interview Questions

In order to help foreign national fiancée prepare for the K1 fiancé visa interview, we are presenting a comprehensive list of frequently asked K1 visa interview questions by the consular officers. These sample US fiance visa interview questions will give you a better understanding of the range of topics you could be asked about during your K1 fiancé visa interview. While an officer may not ask these exact questions, the questions asked are very likely going to be some variation of the questions seen below.

A. Sample Questions About Foreign National

  1. What is your name?
  2. Where were you born?
  3. What is your nationality?
  4. How old are you?
  5. Have you ever been to the U.S.? If yes, on what visa? How long and where did you stay in the U.S. on that trip? Did you overstay?
  6. Do you have any relatives in the U.S.?
  7. Have you been sponsored for the K1 fiancé visa before? What happened?
  8. Have you been married before?
  9. Are you divorced?
  10. Do you have any children? How old are they? Will they accompany you or join you later?

The consular officer may ask only a few questions about the foreign national fiancé. The officer is more interested to learn about the relationship between the two individuals, and how much the foreign national knows his/her U.S. citizen fiancé.

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B. Sample Questions About U.S. Citizen

  1. What is your fiancé full name?
  2. What is your fiancé date of birth?
  3. Where was your fiancé born?
  4. Where does your fiancé live?
  5. Does your fiancé live in an apartment or in a house? Does your fiancé rent or own? When did your fiancé buy that house? How long has your fiancé lived there? Where did your fiancé live before that? Does your fiancé live with his/her parents?
  6. Where do your fiancé parents live?
  7. What is your fiancé occupation?
  8. What is your fiancé salary?
  9. What kind of food does your fiancé like/dislike?
  10. How many siblings does your fiancé have? Have you ever met them?
  11. Has you fiancé ever been married? When did your fiancé divorce or get the marriage annulled? Why didn’t your fiancé previous marriages work out?
  12. Does your fiancé have any children? How old are they?
  13. Do the children live with your fiancé? What is the custody arrangement?
  14. What language(s) does your fiancé speak?
  15. Has your fiancé ever been arrested?

C. Sample Questions About The Relationship And Wedding

  1. How and where did both of you meet? Please describe in detail.
  2. How long have you known your fiancé?
  3. When did you meet in person?
  4. How have you kept in touch with your fiancé (by chat/phone/email)?
  5. In what language do you and your fiancé communicate?
  6. How and when did you or your fiancé propose?
  7. What do you love about your fiancé?
  8. Have you ever met your fiancé’s parents? Why or why not? Has your fiancé met your parents? Why or why not?
  9. Have you met your fiancé’s children? Why or why not? Has your fiancé met your children? Why or why not?
  10. Has your fiancé ever visited you in your country? Have you visited your fiancé in the U.S.?
  11. Do you know any of your fiancé friends?
  12. What is your religion & your fiancé religion?
  13. When and where did you get engaged?
  14. When and where are you getting married?
  15. What day of the week is the wedding?
  16. What are your wedding plans?
  17. Where will the wedding be? How many guests will be invited?
  18. Will your family be able to attend? What if they cannot go to the U.S. for the wedding?
  19. Why aren’t you getting married in your home country?
  20. Where is your honeymoon going to be?

K 1 Visa Interview Questions And Answers

My Case Scenario
Xia Chang

After reading this article, Xia understood what the consular officer will evaluate and learned the different questions she could be asked. The sample K1 fiancé visa interview questions helped her prepare for the interview.

Xia successfully passed her K1 fiancé visa interview. Now Xia is in the U.S. with Jacob. Both of them are extremely happy and are busy with their marriage preparations.


The K1 fiancé visa interview is one of the primary contributors of anxiety for K1 visa applicants. Being unaware of the interview process and the possible questions makes the situation worse.

In addition to being prepared with the questions noted above, the foreign fiancé should keep his/her paperwork organized and to act in a professional and friendly manner. The foreign national fiancé should review all the relevant documents at least one to two days before the interview. Chances are the answers to most questions are found in these documents.

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