Immigration Q & A In Hyderabad

The Last Leg Of My Travel!


We landed in Hyderabad on 13th late night, looking forward to conclude the week-long journey of seminars and workshops that we had in 5 cities. The first thing that struck me while boarding the flight at Chennai and then landing at Hyderabad was the excellent security system at the airports. The staff at the airport in Chennai was so particular in checking each and every baggage.

We reached the VisaPro office and were received warmly by everybody. I felt comfortable and was impressed with the team there as everybody was very enthusiastic for the Q & A session that was to happen the next day. After a nice sleep at VisaPro’s guest-house, and enjoying ‘dosas’ and ‘sambhar’ for breakfast; we discussed the plan of action for the event.

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The Q & A session was held at the Hotel Taj Residency, Banjara Hills. It started at 10 am with 40 attendees from different companies. During the session I interacted with and answered the delegate’s questions and addressed their concerns. The delegates were well prepared with their queries; their level of knowledge was really appreciable. Personal interaction helped me in understanding their immigration concerns better.

Among all the presentations that we had in all the cities, I felt that Hyderabad was one of the most interactive sessions and I was able to impart knowledge to people who had specific requirements. It was a very effective and interesting way of getting across to people.

The session was over at around 1:30 pm and we headed towards the office to freshen up and get started for lunch. We had a sumptuous lunch at a hotel called “Our Place” where the team at VisaPro spoke about their experiences on organizing the seminars and workshops. The VisaPro India team presented me with a carved elephant, a traditional Indian handicraft statue, as a memoir of my trip, which adorns a prominent place in my office now. It was a special moment for all of us, especially for me, as my hosts took all efforts to make me feel at home and acquaint me with the colorful cultural heritage that India is famous for. After the lunch I had a chance to interact with the team at length and share my experiences with them.

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Later in the evening we headed towards a 400-year old fort, Golconda, which is known as the bearer of exquisite diamonds. I took a walk in the history and culture of Hyderabad through a well-choreographed sound-and-light show at this fort. I also learnt that this was the place which bore the world-famous Koh-i-Noor diamond. The next day, being Sunday, I went sightseeing through the city along with two members from VisaPro India team. Hyderabad, famously know as the City of Pearls and Minarets, has so many more faces to it. We visited a handicrafts exhibition, rock formations, a museum, historic Charminar, and ended our day with ice cream and milk shakes at Baskin & Robins. After a rather late supper, I boarded my flight back from India, with lots of memories and unfulfilled thirst to see more for India. Ahoy! Indians… I’ll be back for more. Thanks a ton to VisaPro India Team.

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