A Rendezvous With India

Immigration Seminar In Pune


After an initial glimpse of India, through my two days of stay in Delhi, I was all set to head towards our next destination for the seminar-Pune. We landed in Pune on 10th early morning around midnight. The cab driver helped us in finding our way to the hotel at 2am. My room in the hotel was particularly nice. Thanks to the view from my window of a building under construction. It was amazing to see women laborers carrying material like bricks to the building site and it was an experience to see them work together. This was a sight I could’ve never seen in the United States!

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We finally reached the venue about an hour before the program was scheduled and it was pleasing to see the impeccable arrangements made at the venue. It seemed like a great start and I was rearing to go. As I waited for the event to commence, I noticed many people had arrived well before time and still there was very minimal interaction in the hall. An interactive hi-tea session before the start of the seminar, instead of having it in the midst of the event, would have been a better platform to interact with the audience and get an insight into their concerns in order to be better prepared with answers to their queries. With over 220 persons to cater to, I was amazed by the efforts of the entire VisaPro India team to make it all look so smooth and effortless.

The response that we received at the seminar was overwhelming, with a lot of people asking many interesting questions. The audience was primarily from the IT fraternity and so was interested in weighing various options of getting to the U.S. The Q and A session would have been more productive, in my view, had we screened the questions maybe during the presentation and segregated them into categories. This would have also facilitated my planning for the questions well in advance as I personally like explaining things in detail!

I would be missing out on one of the most interesting elements of the whole Pune trip if I don’t share my experience of the “autorickshaw ride back to the airport”. We had very less time in order to catch the flight. Adding to the time crunch, I found it pretty tough to fit into the rather small sized auto. I believe they aren’t meant for very tall people! The cab driver seemed to be more concerned about my flight and so he in turn literally flew the cab! I was so scared, and knew I had no option but to close my eyes and let the cab driver take over. This was no less than a long dreadful yet exciting rollercoaster ride given the number of potholes we were flying over.

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Overall, it was an overwhelming experience to see such a good turnover of about 220 attendees at the venue. I think this was an extremely well organized and well planned immigration seminar. As the day came to an end, we had started planning for our next event, the workshop at Bangalore. The immigration workshop was planned as a more interactive session than the seminars we had. A new experience, I was certainly looking forward to, after the success of our last two seminars. We had a break of a day before we had to fly to Bangalore. I still couldn’t catch up on sight-seeing, rather stayed back in the hotel room planning for the upcoming events.

Thomas Joy, U.S. immigration attorney

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