J1 Visa

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

56. On behalf of the foreign medical graduates, what are the government agencies who can apply for the waiver?

The following government agencies may apply for waiver:

  1. Appalachian Regional Commission
  2. Department of Agriculture
  3. Department of Veterans Affairs
  4. Department of Interior for Indian Reservations
  5. Individual’s State department of health that participates in the Conrad State 30 program

57. What are the U.S. government agencies who can apply for the waiver on behalf of the J-1 exchange visitors?

The following U.S. government agencies may apply for J-1 waiver:

  1. Department of Education for teachers/professors
  2. Department of Health and Human Services for medical researchers, pharmacy research, pediatrics/endocrinology researchers
  3. U.S. Department of Agriculture for workers in the fields of agricultural economics, food processing, animal science, agronomy, agricultural and comparative pathology fields
  4. Department of Energy for physicists working in the fields of mineral/metallurgical engineering, nuclear engineering, treatment and disposal of radioactive wastes
  5. Department of Defense for workers in the fields of computers, economics or electrical engineering
  6. National Aeronautics and Space Administration for workers in air/space fields
  7. Department of Interior for environmental specialists and civil engineers
  8. Department of Transportation for workers in the fields of chemical/civil engineering, aviation
  9. National Science Foundation for physicists, atmospheric earth scientists, economics specialists, and specialists in science education
  10. Environmental Protection Agency for environmental engineers and others
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58. As a J-1 exchange visitor, how do I get an extension for the 30-day voluntary departure status?

You will need to contact the USCIS for an extension of the 30-day, post-program, voluntary departure status period.

59. Who should pay the processing fee for J-1 visa?

The processing fee for J-1 visa is paid only by the applicant, not the dependent spouse or children.

60. What is the time taken to arrive at a decision on whether a J-1 waiver will be recommended?

The processing times vary depending on the type of application you have submitted.