J1 Visa

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

61. Do I receive a notification from the Waiver Review Division when my J-1 waiver application is submitted to the USCIS?

Yes, you will receive a copy of the recommendation.

62. Will I be informed about the reason why my J-1 waiver application is denied?

Yes, the Waiver Division will inform you why your J-1 waiver application was rejected.

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63. What are the possible reasons for denial of the J-1 waiver applications?

Applications are denied because the reasons given for requesting the waiver do not outweigh the program and policy considerations of the exchange visitor program. For this reason, No Objection applications in Fulbright/USAID funded programs are generally denied.

64. What is the process followed by the Waiver Review Division on the status of appeals on denials and unfavorable recommendations of a J-1 waiver?

There is an internal agency review process but there is no formal appeal process for the applicant. However, you may be eligible to reapply based on another statutory ground. For example, if the first application was based on a No Objection statement from your home country, you can reapply based on:

  1. An interested U.S. Government agency (IGA) request
  2. Claim of exceptional hardship to a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident spouse or child
  3. Fear of persecution if you are required to return to your home country

65. Can I request a reconsideration of my J1 visa waiver application based on new evidence?

Yes, you will need to apply again from the beginning for a waiver recommendation. You can use this new information to support your reapplication. If your application is still pending with the Waiver Review Division and you have not received a final determination yet, you should send the information on to the Waiver Review Division.

Note: Please remember to write your waiver case number on any documentation you send and on the outside of the envelope.