J1 Visa

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

71. What information should I provide in my request for an advisory opinion for J-1 waiver recommendation?

You should mail legible copies of all your Form DS-2019, Certificate of Eligibility, along with the written request for an advisory opinion. USCIS does not recommend sending your request by fax because forms frequently become illegible during the fax process.

72. Can you explain about the J-1 exchange visitor's skills list?

The skills list is a list of occupations that are needed in the exchange visitor’s home country.

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73. How do I know about my case number for J-1 application?

The case number is at the top portion of the letter you will receive after you have submitted your Data Sheet application and the processing fee. The letter will explain the procedures and documentation necessary for your waiver review request. If there were prior applications, the case number remains the same no matter how long the case history becomes.

74. Are the eligibility requirements the same for the F-1 and J-1 categories?

No, to be eligible for J-1 student status, you must have funding, at least at first that comes substantially from any source other than personal or family funds, in the words of the regulation. Otherwise, to be eligible for J-1 status, you must participate in an exchange program formally established by a written agreement between governments, or between the University and a foreign government or institution. Thus if your funding comes from your own resources or from your family, and you will not be participating in an exchange program, you will be ineligible for J-1 status, and will have no choice but to come as an F-1.

75. Can I change my status, from F-1 to J-1, or from J-1 to F-1, after my arrival in the U.S.?

Probably not. Some changes are prohibited by regulations, and others are possible only in very special circumstances. As an alternative to changing inside the U.S., it is sometimes possible to go home, obtain a new visa stamp in the other category, and reenter in the new status. Even if you go all the way home, though, the consulate may refuse to give you the category of visa that you want.