M1 Visa

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

6. How to apply for Employment Authorization on M-1 visa?

While applying for Employment Authorization the documents required are:

1.Form I-538, Certification by Designated School Official, to the USCIS certifying that the:

a.Proposed employment is for the purpose of practical training

b.Training will be related to your studies

b.Same type of training is not available in your country of residence

2.Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization

3.Form I-20I-D signed by the Designated School Official (DSO)

Note: You should send your application to the USCIS no more than 60 days before your student status expires and no later than 15 days after your studies are completed.

7. How long can I stay in the U.S. on M-1 visa?

You may stay in the U.S. on M1 visa for one year, or for as long as you are enrolled as a full-time student in a vocational program plus thirty days to prepare to leave the country, whichever is shorter.

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8. Can I apply for extension of stay on M-1 visa?

Yes, you may apply for extension of stay on M-1 visa after the completion of your studies to pursue practical training. If approved, you will be allowed to have one month of practical training for every four months of study you have completed. You will be limited to six months total practical training time.

9. How do I extend my stay on M-1 visa?

To extend your stay you must:

  1. Complete Form I-539, Application to Extend or Change Nonimmigrant Status, and send it to USCIS at least 15 (but not more than 60) days before your authorized stay in the U.S. expires
  2. Submit your Form I-20I-D to the USCIS at the same time

10. Are there any travel restrictions on M-1 visa?

No, there are no travel restrictions on M-1 visa. M-1 students may leave the U.S. and be readmitted after temporary absences. When making your travel plans, please remember that you must be a full-time student to keep your M-1 student status. Upon your return to the U.S. you should provide the immigration inspectors with:

  1. Valid passport
  2. Valid M-1 entry visa stamped in the passport (if necessary)
  3. Current Form I-20I-D signed by your designated school official. You should have the Designated School Official sign your Form I-20I-D each time you wish to temporarily travel outside the U.S.
  4. New Form I-20M-N, Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant M-1 Student Status, if there have been substantive changes in your course of study or place of study
  5. Proof of your financial support