M1 Visa

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

26. How can I obtain a copy of the I-94/I-94W Arrival-Departure Document?

The airline or shipping company will give you the I-94/I-94W, Arrival-Departure document, when you check in for your flight or in the case of a cruise, aboard the ship.

27. What can I do to expedite my application for M-1 visa?

Your patience is highly appreciated. According to the latest U.S. Department of State regulations, applications for studies and research in certain academic fields need advisory opinions from Washington. It takes a minimum of four weeks. Once the review is complete, the Consular Section will notify you of the outcome. You may call the Consular Section to check on the status of your case or leave your best phone number of contact. However, it is not possible to adjudicate your case before the review is complete.

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28. Are services performed by foreign students and exchange visitors covered by Social Security?

No, if you are performing work connected to your studies on M-1 status, you are not subject to Social Security coverage.