B1 Visa

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What is B-1 business visa for USA?

The B-1 business visa is a nonimmigrant visa which allows foreign nationals other than students, persons performing skilled or unskilled labor, or representatives of foreign information media, to enter into the U.S. on short notice to attend business meetings or seminars.

2. Who are ineligible for business visa?

Anyone seeking to enter the US to perform labor, such as construction workers are not admissible on business visa. Foreign nationals seeking to enter into the U.S. to perform building or construction work, whether on-site or in-plant, are not eligible for classification or admission as B-1 nonimmigrant under section 101(a)(15)(B) of the INA Act.

Note: The nonimmigrant otherwise qualified as B-1 nonimmigrant may be issued visas and may enter for the purpose of supervising or training of others engaged in building or construction work, but not for the purpose of actually performing any such building or construction work themselves.

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3. What privileges do I enjoy on B-1 visa?

Other than business activities like attending meetings, conventions, business negotiations, tourism purposes etc., you are also entitled to use the visa for short-term training or a company course provided the sponsoring company from your home country be committed to bearing your expenses.

4. What are the limitations of B-1 visa?

The U.S. immigration law strictly restricts B-1 visa holders to seek employment or to work in the U.S. and the visitor is not allowed to start any program of study.

5. How long can I stay in the U.S on B-1 visa?

You may stay in the U.S. on B-1 visa between six months to one year depending on the purpose of your trip.

Note: Once you enter the U.S. and approach the USCIS office with your requisition, the authorities will look into the nature of the business you wish to conduct and accordingly issue the grant for your stay.