O1 Visa

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What is O-1 visa?

The O-1 visa is a nonimmigrant visa which allows foreign nationals with extraordinary ability in one of the following three categories to enter into the U.S. and engage in official activity:

  1. Sciences, education, business, and athletics
  2. Arts
  3. Motion picture or TV industries

2. What privileges do I enjoy on O-1 visas?

On O-1 visa, you may:

  1. Receive your visa quickly
  2. Travel freely in and out of the U.S. for the term of the visa
  3. Apply for O-2 visas for accompanying essential support personnel
  4. Apply for O-3 visas for accompanying dependents
  5. Not be required to prove that you intend to return to your home country residence when your business in the U.S. is completed
  6. Apply for permanent residence while in O status
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3. What are the limitations of O-1 visa?

On O-1 visa, you may:

  1. Take up employment for the position, event, or activity for which the USCIS granted approval
  2. Take up employment with multiple employers only if each employer files a separate Form I-129
  3. Commence employment on the date authorized by the USCIS and must terminate the employment no later than the date authorized

4. How long can I stay in the U.S. on O-1 work visa?

You may stay in the U.S. on O-1 visa for the period of time necessary to complete the event or activity, which should not exceed an initial period of three years.

5. Can I extend my stay on O-1 visa?

Yes, you may apply for O-1 visa extension of stay. Extensions in one year increments plus an additional 10 days to get your personal affairs in order may be granted as long as you continue in the same position or activity for which you were originally granted O-1 status.