P1 Visa

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

11. What are the documents required for P-1 petition for support personnel?

The P-1 petition for support personnel must be filed in conjunction with the petition for principal P-1 and must be filed with a:

  1. Written consultation with a labor organization in the skill in which the alien will be involved
  2. Statement describing the alien’s prior and current essentiality, critical skills and experience with the principal alien
  3. Copy of any written contract between the employer and the alien or a summary of the terms of the oral agreement under which the alien will be employed

12. What are the special provisions for certain entertainment groups on P-1 visa?

1.Alien circus personnel:

The one year group membership requirement and the international recognition requirement are not applicable to foreign national circus personnel who perform as part of a circus or circus group, or who constitute an integral and essential part of the performance of such circus or circus group. This is true, provided the P-1 foreign national is coming to join a circus that has been recognized nationally as outstanding for a sustained and substantial period of time or as part of such a circus

2.Certain nationally known entertainment groups: 

The Director may waive the international recognition requirement in the case of an entertainment group which has been recognized nationally as being outstanding in its discipline for a sustained and substantial period of time in consideration of special circumstances. An example of a special circumstance would be when an entertainment group may find it difficult to demonstrate recognition in more than one country due to such factors as limited access to news media or consequences of geography

3.Waiver of one year relationship in exigent circumstances: 

The Director may waive the one year relationship requirement for a foreign national who, because of illness or unanticipated and exigent circumstances, replaces an essential member of a P-1 entertainment group or an alien who augments the group by performing a critical role. The Department of State is delegated the authority to waive the one year relationship requirement in the case of consular substitutions involving P-1 entertainment groups

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13. Can I bring my dependents on P-1 visa?

Yes, you may apply for P-4 visa for your spouse and unmarried children below 21 years.

14. Can my dependents work on P-4 visa?

No, dependents on P-4 visa may not be employed or receive compensation from any U.S. source.

15. Can my dependents study on P-4 visa?

Yes, your dependents may engage in full time study on P-4 visa.