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G-1 Visa Principal Resident Representative of Recognized Foreign Government to International Organization, Staff, or Immediate Family.
G-2 Visa Other Representative of Recognized Foreign Member Government to International Organization, or Immediate Family.
G-3 Visa Representative of Nonrecognized Nonmember Foreign Government to International Organization, or Immediate Family.
G-4 Visa International Organization Officer or Employee, or Immediate Family.
G-5 Visa Attendant, Servant, or Personal Employee of G-1 through G-4 or Immediate Family.
G-1020 H-1B Specialty Occupation Data Collection.
G-14 Information Form. This form is used to provide additional identifying information so that the INS may act upon or reply to a communication.
G-28 Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Representative.
G-325 Biographic Information. This form is to provide biographic information on an alien.
G-639 Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Request. This form is used to request access to INS information under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts.
G-731 Inquiry About Status of I-551 Alien Registration Card. This form is used to inquire as to the status of an I-551, Alien Registration Card, for an alien who has adjusted status.

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Legal terms explained in plain English!